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Kingmaker – Dorset Style

Much of this can also be found on the Kingmaker RealmWorks pages.

Campaign/World Info

Current Year: 4714
Month: Calistral
see Campaign Timeline

Other details:
Weather: Based on weather in Latvia in 2014

Location: The Greenbelt
Base Location: Peacehold

Average Party Level (APL): 9
The Party – The Quiet Sword

Rules Stuff

Character Creation, House rules, Optional rules used and Herolab settings

Player Stuff

What needs to be done, what is happening.
Current and completed Missions and Quests and the state of the The Quiet Sword affairs.
Details on the player Kingdom – Haven

Important Locations

Locations in

Other Nations

The world beyond Brevoy and The Stolen Lands.

Law and Order in Brevoy

Rules that govern our behaviour.

Important People and Groups

Who do we know, who do we trust and what influence do they have over us?

Flora and Fauna

This is in the form of a collection of illustrations and notes. In a leather Journal which has new pages added as more creatures are studied.


How time flies when your having fun, or running for your life.

Main Page

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