Dorset Style - 06. Kingmaker

Sarenith 4710


Having left Olegs on the 1st Sarenith stopping off at Bokkens for potions the group make it to the Stag Lords Fort and wait for the cover of night.
The hillside is a place where zombies sprung from the earth, some showed signs of being followers of Gryonna at some point. They waited until night to approach again hoping the cover of darkness would mean they could control the fighting and entrance better.

They went through a hidden secret door having had to fight the undead on the hillside.
After heading in they headed up stairs to take out the watch towers firsts.
Ayles Megesen, Falgrim Sneeg,​ and Jex the Snitch the tower guards were all taken down but kept alive to take back and stand trial. Auchs a child like adult looked around and when hurt asked the party to save him, and was left playing with his toys while they checked out the ret of the fort.

Downstairs in the central room they found the dim witted Cragger, Topper, and Dirty Jeb who had being playing a card game, they stopped with noise upstairs and the sound of 16 men at the front gate. Also in the same room was Fat Norry who was eating a second dinner of a whole roast turkey, and Dovan from Nisroch​ who quielty had everyone scared into dealing with the intruders.

The sounds of the fight also alerted the Akiros Ismort: and the Stag Lord. When Cade was breifly dropped by the Stag Lord (It was Rena blessing of the ancestors that allowed hi to get back on his feet as Rena took some of the wounds upon himself) Akiros Ismort became involved and started fighting the Stag Lord. Rena took the chance and the ancestors started to protect him too, which again save his life as he dropped breifly from a savage blows by the Stag Lord and Dovan from Nisroch​ (who was enjoying taking it out on Ismort).

The Staglord and Dovan were killed, all the other were stabalised unconscious. Ismort offered his weapon to Rena but it was not accepted and he led them into the basement.

In the Cellar, ​this room feels miserably damp, and greasy swaths of mold cake the carved stone walls and floor. The ceiling fifteen feet overhead is thick with cobwebs. Three archways in the walls open into other rooms, all of which are filled with mounds of crates, furs, sacks, weapons, and other obviously stolen loot.​ was a man who Ismort called over to heal the new recruits. As Ismort was a lieutent he reclently obey and healed Rena.
The man – Nugrah the Decrepit “Freak” talked to them, showing his cruel violent and twisted personlaity to the group. Cade started the fight by using his own greed against him. It was short fight as he had not made himself ready due to Ismorts deciet. Nugrah was also taken prisoner.

Afterwards they look in at the captured owlbear beaky and debated what to do, due to the great hostility and conditions, in the morning they put the owlbear down. They also called Lehava in who had stayed looking after the horses while the quiet sword entered into the fortress.

The prisoners were taken back to Olegs for processing and questioning. Then some were then to be taken to Restov to face trial including Falgrim Sneeg who was wanted by Kesten. The body of the stag lord had been thrown into the river, allowing Davik Nettles to be put to rest. His ranseur washed up on shore close to where the body was tossed in just a fe minutues later.

The Archers feast was held within a couple of weeks at the Statue of Erastil, many trappers, hunters and local farmers came out of the woods and lands, infact more have been seen since news of the bandits demise as they no longer hide from the signs of human movement. There are some incidents of some less deseriables are around, but they are less and not organised no longer being the same threat to the farmers and few residances in the area.


Abinessy Abinessy

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