Dorset Style - 06. Kingmaker

RP session 18/6/16

Private chat between the 3 rulers: Rena has some suggestions vis a vis – dynasty creation:

Terrion Numesti as Baron of Freehold, under a Duke (tbc latter which one)
Aria as Baron of Remembrance Hold (because of deep historical significance, her archaeological background would make this fitting) – Cade points out she may not have the right kind of mindset to gel with the pious populace. We think perhaps Losthold, which currently has nothing in it, but we have plans. However it has the casters’ tower.
Tallis as Baron of Candleport – Cade suggests it might be best to reverse the two previous suggestions. Rena points out Candleport is actual quite a strategic defence point,. We think that works.
Rosa as Baron of Ancestorhold – Cade says that as she will be living with him elsewhere it might not be practical.
Oleg and Svetlana as Barons of Firsthold – definitely talked about it before, had we actually enacted this? Svetlana only by marriage.
Ismort is Baron of the Bear.
Audryn – has her own cavalier Order of the Elk.
Madame Gorner we leave alone as it might interfere with her job. She was one of the people who organised and assisted in the disaster after the Owlbear. She is an obvious pillar of the community.
Kesten is Baron of Peacehold.
Rollo – Ellahold maybe? Or Ancestorhold instead of Rosa.

We are effectively creating Dukedoms now.

We go to see Satinder Morn in Freehold. Callistra is not represented int he kingdom, we think we could work with her to establish the rleigion, but we could commit to building a shrine in the capital Peacehold within 6 months, but she would need to concentrate on certain aspects of the religion and downplay others. Women’s refuges are a good thing, Rena is keen to encourage that, mentions we have had problems with Gyrona, we would really appreciate Callistra taking an active role to counterbalance whatever it is that has allowed Gyrona to gain influence. A sanctuary instead of the bitterness and hatred that Gyrona offers. Secondly, if she will promote retribution rather the vengeance, ie promote the rule of law, regardless of who they are they will be brought to justice. If they somehow get away with things because of a loophole in the law, we will change the law – no lynchings, punishment maiming, street justice, and so on – everything by the law. Satinder sees issues for Callistra as follows: charm is a domain of Callistra which is outlawed – she condemns those who use it to subjugate others, it should not be outlawed if it is used in self defence (eg to try and turn someone away from them when they try to save themselves from violence). We persuade her that we can work with this, knowledge of these magics is not illegal, but forceful use of them is. She is happy to accept the offer of the shrine in Peacehold but she would not wish to move there herself, but we are happy to build it here if she would prefer. We will leave it to her who leads, who speaks for them, and where they are based. We suggest she liaises with High Priest, Marshall and Warden to let them know anything she finds out about Gyrona.

We’ve heard about Speartooth a sabre tooth tiger in the hills west of the marshes, he suspects it may be connected to them – perhaps a respected spirit or something – he suggest we might capture it and training it to give them pause for thought about attacking us in future.

He also found a report on Drevlev’s desk that mastodon riding hill giants are gearing up for war. There’s also a thing from Numeria, a Orumvorax , 8 legs with copper talons, people think it is made out of metal. Tend to live in burrows in hillsides, hide is quite tough, need to get through hide to hurt them. Blunt weapons don’t hurt them so much. Unusually ferocious with claws, can be a very nasty attack. There is a pair of these in the North West, also in the hills with the Tiger Lords. If we build a road, the cloudberry fields could attract all kinds of predators.

People are saying Ilthuliak the Black Dragon has returned and has moved into the Hooktongue Slough. Female black dragon wyrm. Rena attempts to scry her. He can’t detect her. Rena’s does a Sending to let her know what we have found out and let her know if she needs help we will help. She replies not heard anything.

Northern shores of slough infested with Boggards, our cohorts could go deal with them.

Giants spotted in North carrying strange weapons, thought to be coming from Numeria.

Lots of people unhappy with Illiuvetti’s rule, there’s a woman we might want to talk to about the issues with Pitax as she opposes him, is hiding out.

- he’s rumoured to have caught a huge Remorhaz some and keeps it as a pet . Immense centipede like beats normally found in cold areas, they generate a lot of heat themselves which they use as a natural attack. Heat can melt or burn weapons, similar power to the sort of things we have faced recently.

Another report had some intelligence on us,. Varnhold and Peacehold have seen an influx of small, easy to smuggle or sell gem stones. Not sure if this is us or something else that’s going on.

The intelligent sword Ovinrbaane. Enemy of All Enemies. Dedicated purpose of defeat and slay everything. Rena does not feel we should return this to the Tiger Lords. Protection fro Chaos will protect the wielder from being taken over by it. Rena has no problem opposing the Tiger Lords. Rena feels binding a spirit to the weapon is too much like creating undead. It’s effectively a fight between two gods. If we take sides, we will be opposing a god. Not even two gods we are necessarily friendly with, although we do have Pharasma temples in the kingdom. We should talk to the priests and enlist her help to get rid of the sword and perhaps help the kingdom since we are going to incur Gorum’s help. We should talk to all the other deities too through their clergy.

We are looking at going into the hills to deal with the tiger and then home to Peacehold. We try to find out a bit more about where we might find Speartooth. It can be found east, in the plains of the Silkstrand river, surrounded by the hills. That’s really not a good place in view of our plans for troops and supplies etc to come through here. If we follow the river up to it’s source we may also find other monsters e.g. giants.

The dragon’s location is likely to be the deepest darkest bottom bits of the slough by the lake. [L6 or M5]

We reach a narrow valley filled with thorny plants. Rena spots evidence of huge feline predator in area of valley. Amina and Cade spot it looks like a tunnel like entrance near valley. We spot a big cat stalking us. It engages. We knock it out and then Rena charms it. We go and look in its cave to see what’s there. We look at him, he’s immense, old and covered in scars. There are offerings to him (probably thrown from a distance!) Multiple bodies, most in last couple of years. At least 24 Drevlev guards here. Some dead hunters who’ve obviously been dragged back here, also there’s another chap looks like he might have been a really famous hunter from Pitax – hunted crocodiles, Croco Irwin. Reckoned he was one of the best hunters in the world, amazing wilderness hunter. Said to have wrestled a croc. Has a bow and quiver. We make camp while we dig graves and Rena casts a spell on the tiger. Bow and quiver and a couple of arrows are magic. Composite longbow Animal Bane, 2 slaying arrows (v animals) and an efficient quiver. Rena casts Grove of Respite, and sets about casting Awaken on the tiger. It’s very territorial, but we are currently ok as its ‘pride’. Rena and Amina dig a lot of graves. Rena finishes casting. We talk to it and agree it can have the hex as its territory, it agrees not to eat those of ‘the Pride of Haven’. We walk the boundaries of the area and put up signs warning people that it is interdicted ground and to stay away. Anyone entering past the markers is effectively dinner.

We move on. Rena now appears to be channelling a fire spirit. We travel through the hills to the river and then follow the river along. We explore as we go along. Large granite hillside (potential quarry) pocked with lots of small openings. Suddenly some sleek creatures with shiny golden fur pop out and attack. We defeat them but they are surprisingly tough. They have burrowed straight through granite! We investigate the burrows, well, Cade does with an earth elemental and an unseen servant. He’s in there 3 hours. It’s clear those things have been here for a few years and have killed a lot of people/creatures, lots of things have been gnawed. Picks up lots of coin purses with money in them. There are some other things as well. Cade comes out with all this stuff and a terrified mole. And hands a sceptre to Rena (not magical).

We decide to explore the area around Armag’s tomb. Small group came this way from west. No sign they left. Not much else to report. Then we go west [I3]. Quiet hills, no issues with animals, scare off a pack of wolves. Pretty uneventful day and night. Move on to the area where there are supposed to be mines [H2]. The mines appear to have been abandoned. Looks like for a year or so. Lots of flooding in the mines, which seems to be why they were abandoned, looks like people died. Amina explores a bit, finds some dead bodies of miners who drowned (10), 6 of them have chains on their ankles. We will try to rebuild this again but without the slaves. When we’re looking around, looks like they hit an aquifer, so we’d need a skilled miner to drain that off, or someone with magics in controlling water. Explore the rest of day, disused tracks, signs that there were people in shacks near mines, but these have been looted. We move on further east [I2] – looking for giants . During the day we find tracks that things have been dragged/moved to a certain location, barren hillside, very dry, large cave in hillside, light flickering coming out of cave, and some deep resonating laughter. We’ve found overturned wagons in various stages of destruction and goods and belongings. We have found some giants. Hill giants. Look very inbred even by normal standards. Not renowned for intelligence. We fight 4 of them, kill them and explore their cave. They haven’t been here all that long. Maybe 4/5 months. We find evidence of Pitax uniforms for these giants, partially destroyed. Seems they were very opportunistic. Whole load of tools, building materials [=4 build points], also coins, stuff from Mivon house we recognise, spyglass, potions of Aid and Fly……We look for evidence of whether they were ‘spies’ or fugitives from Pitax. No tracks to indicate anyone else went on from here.

Next day we move on again [J2]. Sign in wood – beware basilisk. We go after it. Copse of trees, occasional statue of something (mostly predatory creatures, but also one gnome). Quite a lot of them have been gnawed on. We put the gnome in the portable hole. Then we find a green lizard that hisses at us and tries to attack us with its gaze attack. It fails. We flatten it. There are a couple of books/journals and some other odds and ends here. Inc a ‘footprint’ book (guide to tracking). Traveller’s dictionary.

We set off again. [K2] Heading off for Peacehold now.

Now we have a council meeting.

Rena wants to talk to everyone to make sure they’re ok with their roles, and to ctach up on things with them.

Svetlana – still happy with her role, but she cannot maintain the role alone, thinks we need a spokesperson for each settlement. Rena says we will aim for a town hall in every settlement. She asks whether we will have a mayor for each, who then consult with her . Rena says there should be a ruler for each settlement, but perhaps elders/leaders should be the voice of the people, not the ruler.

Rolo – would not be devastated if he lost the role, if there was someone else that could take over. Rena suggests that if he looks to retire (which he pretty much is) he should choose his successor. Svetlana says she has no issues BUT we now have people who have come in to the kingdom from previous establishments, Rolo tends to be a bit biased towards Brevoy, we need to perhaps seem less Brevoy focused due to what is going on there. We should discuss this whole issue later in the meeting.

Jhod – he’s happy.

Amina – feels she’s not pushing education agenda enough. Rena says town halls will help with basic education provision. Suggest the council of councillors could help organise apprenticeships etc, Svertlana suggests that the guilds can be used to sort this sort of thing more effectively.

Cade suggests it might be better if someone who was around more was general. Rena asks if his absences cause issues, or does his behaviour around the kingdom inspire the troops. Svetlana says it’s ok and inspirational. His fighting on the ground is good for the people.

Svetlana and Amina should draw up a list of guilds we should have and make sure we have good people who can be put in place as leaders of each.

Marshall Ismort – happy. Grateful for authority to create deputies

Spymaster Gorner – happy to carry on, hopes she’s provided good intelligence for us all. Rena suggets she might want to be one of the guildmasters, so go ahead and set hers up.

Oleg – Svetlana cracks a joke about him loving the money more than her. Apparently we only have one rep of the church of Abadar here, they do provide a very useful swervice. Oleg takes care of money as carefully as if it were his own, sometimes people feel they need more money and he isn;t giving them it. Pretty much everyone has been peeved at some point because they feel he’s favoured someone/somehwere else in the kingdom. It’s suggested we need a banking system as provided by the church of Abadar. We should get that organised.

Kesten – apologises for not having had forewarning over the attack at Tatselford. Offers to resign. Rena doesn’t feel it was warranted. He would prefer to continue if we’re happy.

Audreyn – happy. Doesn’t feel she does much other than go round supporting colleagues. Is there anything we would like her to evolve the role into. Rena says hes happy if she’s bored cos it means everything is going well! Points out she is commander of the Order of the Elk, so he’d like to see it become a famous knightly order. Open to suggestions on how that might happen, would like to see it grow from it’s current small size.

Trade deal with house Garess, Rena is of a mind to support the patriarch but no time for the brother. Would like to see Kesten restored to his rank through the patriarch to despite of his brother. Isolation of the brother is something to be aimed for. All should work towards this, and offer up any issues that occur to them.

House Lebeda – they were trying to open trade route through Slough which is now ours, we need to open it up properly and capitalise on it. We enter trade deal with House Lebeda – they need this to make themselves relevant in Brevoy which improves their chances of marrying into House Surtova (wedding was previously called off). We play rough, make it in our favour, set up an alliance, they should acknowledge Rena as part of their House, reduces their reliance on Surtova, but by strengthening their hand it should weaken Surtova. Regent of the HOuse at moment is quite mercenary and strong willed, son comes to majority in 18 months, he’s not interested in politics, he will be a disaster for the house. Group of pathfinders went to do a deal with her, she asked them to sort out problems with her son who had run away and been kidnapped by bandits. The boy is a problem, he’s going to need to be trained/taught to make him grow up. Could get the son to run a small operation within the trade deal, put competent people behind him so when he screws up they can save lives. Hopefully he will learn from it. His argument for not his fault for being kidnapped was that it was an infiltrator into the house who betrayed him.

Marriages – ruler of Mivon – not even married. We wouldn’t get on with him, his outlook is very different to ours – almost diametrically opposed on some things. There’s a young lad called Gasper Talik, has voluntarily remained as his second, although everyone thinks he could take the Mayor. He will call people out and duel to the death, but he’s not quite as bad as the Mayor himself. Has clearly been taught to manipulate the public, and the old guy is very skilled too. Rena asks whether if Amina challenged and fought her way up, would she be accepted or do you have to follow the ways of the Aldori sword lords.

Satinder Morn and church of Callistra raised by Rena, Madame Gorner says she used to be spymaster, can be her second if anything happens to her.

Pitax – we can’t see a way to negotiate as there’s no neutral third party we can employ. Looks like we have to take the fight to them. We will have to move to a war footing from the point where Drevlev were moved to attack us, but Rena doesn’t want to throw away Sanctuary lives invading them if we don;t have to.There is supposed to be a person in the Slough who wants to move on Pitax, we should find and talk to her to her and see what she has planned.

It seems likely that once we open the Salen river trade route, he is likely to make his move as this will really piss annoy him. Hes enormously vain and probably pompous.

Lumber guild is rumoured to not be sticking to laws, either they sort it out or we will be looking for new guild leadership. He looks uncomfortabel but saYS HE WILLPASS it to his superiors,


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