Dorset Style - 06. Kingmaker

Onwards and southwards

We are leaving the camp near the cairn and moving west (south west as we look at the grids)

Spend a day in this hex, find a couple of already looted cairns, good hunting country, but otherwise uneventful. Overcast all day, gets up to 0 degrees during the day

As night approaches, we look for somewhere safe to camp. Choose a looted cairn to give us some shelter.

Second day, we start to see the woods on the horizon towards end of day. There are hunters active in this area.

Camp again, during night on 3rd watch, hear wolves howling. Starts snowing just after midnight, then eases off around breakfast time.

We go into the forest again, it’s slower going then on the plains. 2.5 days to navigate a hex.

Quite a lot of disabled or deliberately triggered traps in here, like we saw before. Again, some of them have clearly been placed maliciously – bloody Breeg again, no doubt.

Towards end of second day, we come across a river (we’re in the Narlmarches) . Thorn river quire narrow, keep get quite deep at points, 30-60ft deep, tributary to the Shryke, which is part of Celen Network/Passage, major transport route, to open travel from River Kingdoms to Brevoy this would be a good way of doing it.

Some very odd sounds in this forest. Distinctive trill sound of Tatselwyrm coming up from river. We decide NOT to deliberately hunt it, but will kill it if it attacks us first. So we set up camp, hear quite bit of noise and kerfuffle nearby – two boars heading for our camp. Dinner on the hoof! They charge us. One of them attacks Cade and gravely wounds him, but he drinks a potion to heal. It’s a tough fight, the boars are very strong. We are getting badly battered. We eventually win, and butcher them for food.

We have a peaceful night

Next morning we come back to river, find a trap that looks like it was set to catch anyone using the ford. Find a not very decomposed corpe that looks like it was hit by a swinging log from the trap. Rope snapped. Nice looking hatchet buried in one of the logs. Corpse looks like Breeg, has effectively killed himself.

I attempt tp cross the ford cautiously. its ok. We do what we can to bury/cover Breeg.

Lots of movement in the trees above our heads. Think there have been Griggs (insectoid fey) up there but not right now.

We have boar for dinner. Peaceful. We settle down and have a peaceful night. We have completed another hex. Still in woodland, travelling east-ish. Day is warmer (3 degrees) but drizzle, no snow. Thorn river still winds through this one.

Around lunchtime (which is pig) it seems like the trees are trying to dump water or snow on Cade, every time he walks under a tree, for an hour, he gets it down the neck.

Couple of hours later, Rena goes to drink from flask, finds it’s empty.

Rena leaves 3 sp on a rock, and we leave some fruit as well. 1 of the sp moves 15 ft up into the air, then it moves away. We move away to let the fey get their gifts. Another coin does the same. We start a conversation with some fey. Rena tries diplomacy (24 roll) and discovers that they know where the camp of the Stag Lord’s men are – they draw up a crude map int he ground, and say the most they have seen there are 12 people. Camp is along teh Thorn river. Follow river to just before you come out of Narlmarches. Apparently the bandits are mean to fey and hurt them. There are yummy radishes in the next hex. And some hot springs nearby at top end of Skunk river at edge of Narlmarches near the hills. There is a miserable old bear guarding an old shrine to Erastil!!!!! The giant boar is further south. He attacks anything on sight according to the other fey. Tatselwyrms are along Skunk rver. There was a fairy queen a long time ago, she took a lot of lovers, including someone called the dancing lady, who is a fey who has redcaps who guard her. Fairy queen slept with monsters and human as well as fey.

Rena asks if fey would be able to help get rid of the bandits, but they say all they can do is keep an eye out for us.

Coming down to us are a Grigg called Tyg, and a male fairy dragon called Perlivash.

Rena is keen to go to the shrine once we have finished this hex, which takes another day. The two fey stay with us. Quiet day. They take a watch overnight. Then we set off for the Temple of the Elk and the big nasty bear.


The shrine

Clearing in the woods, towering boulder carved into shape of an elk, cave entrance with steps, feel old, covered in moss. Pool in middle, water thick with algae. Temple of Erastil, lost, as per rumours. If we clean up etc, Erastil will be grateful. Big bear comes out of cave. Oh shit!

We (Amina and Rena) get a sudden huge bonus from Erastil against this bear.

WE fight and kill the bear, who briefly turns into a human and then into dust when dead.

We tidy up and mend what we can in the temple.

We stay here for the night. Nothing of interest in the cave.

Onwards and southwards

We finish off exploring this area (hex) then go looking for the radishes. Nothing else of note here.

Takes a day to get there. The fey show us the area they call home. The fey go off to play tricks on someone they have spotted. They come back with a duck whistle. We go looking for the guy they stole it from, he turns out ot be a thoroughly unpleasant piece of work who refuses to apologise and says he’s up for killing very fey he meets. Rena intimidates him into leaving the area.

We set camp for the night.

Next day, finish exploring and come across an arrow shaped clearing, large patch of big white radishes growing there, 4 moaning kobolds lying on floor clutching tummies and moaning they ate too much. They have baskets full of radishes. When they see us they jump up and grab their spears. Battle ensues. We win. We carefully dig up some radishes to take back as well as loads that the kobolds had already harvested.

Next day we set off back to Oleg’s. Uneventful trip back.

Onwards and southwards

There is another new tent at Oleg’s. Very well travelled tent. Get back early afternoon. Belongs to Jhod Kavken. He’s interested in the temple.He had dreams telling him to go and release the cursed priest, he offers us free priesting in future as a thank you for having done his quest for him.

We plan to provision for our next outing. Lots of talk. Apparently there is a unicorn in the Narlmarches, or at least there was until the fairy queen visited recently. There was a mine in the area which was lost when the land went to pot with bandits. We’re hearing about witches, and cyclopses too. There used to be a green dragon in the southern narlmarches. Tuskenwater a lake further south had priests that were followers of a very nasty god (hatred,, extortion and spite), could be the stag lord followers are part of that cult.

We stay over and then we are going to head off south. Lehava makes some potions while we’re here.

We’re going to go through the plains, we come across the Shryke river at one point. It’s pretty easy going, no real problems. Very flat and boring. Weather gets up to 15 degrees!!!

2nd watch, Cade on duty, something goes off, he shouts out in pain. We stagger out of bed and go to see what’s happening. It looks like a ghost child. It’s attacking him and doing damage.

We manage to kill it but apparently it can infect us with nasty diseases if touched, which Cade and Amina were. Amina is infected. We are going to try and track it back and make sure there aren’t more of them.

Onwards and southwards

Amina and Cade make saving throw.

We encounter a damaged bridge over the river, which we repair. We encounter a weird undead that doesn’t hurt us and tells us the Stag Lord killed him and his family, he will rest in peace if we throw the stag lord’s body in the river.

We move on and find a blasted oak that is like the one on the map we have from the spider lair. We camp a bit away from it and plan to go there in the morning. We have an undisturbed night. Amina and Cade are cured.

We dig a hole using unseen servants, we find a heavy leather cloak with stuff wrapped up in it, Cade does detect magic, there is magic in there. Use unseen servant to bring it out and unwrap it. There cloak contains a spellbook, a ring, a dagger, a wand (which is magical), and possibly other stuff I have forgotten,,,,Cade is working out what happened. Guy we found with the stag lord amulet had killed and robbed a well to do mage, and was hiding this stuff from the rest of the stag lord group because he didn’t want to share. The wand is magical, contains a few charges of burning Hands. Nothing else is. Spellbook has 5 undamaged spells but he doesn’t know what they are. Rena tries Read Magic: Identify, Mage Armour, Unseen Servant, Reduce Person, Silent Image.

Finish exploring this area without incident, next day we move on south.

Onwards and southwards
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