Dorset Style - 06. Kingmaker

Oathday, 1st Gozran


The day is mostly overcast with light rain in the evening. It seems that the days are getting warmer and the even the nights are no longer below freezing.

After finishing exploring the area around the temple they head back near the fairy nest and to where the radishes are – this takes three days to complete.
During the evening of the second day, the fae find a grumpy fae hating hunter, and steal his duck caller. Later Rena leads them back to the hunter who refuses to apologise for throwing rocks, and scares him off. The fae steal a duck from him and don’t understand why this is wrong upsetting Rena.

3rd Gozran – found the radish patch – four kobolds attacked saying it was their radish patch.


Abinessy Abinessy

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