Dorset Style - 06. Kingmaker

GM Log - 19rd Desnus 4710

19TH Desnus 4710 – Leave Olegs
23rd Desnus 4710 – In area of Fangeberry thicket, they come across a farm, the owners have been suffering under the nearby stag lords fort.


When they find the Fangberry Thicket they hunt for a carcass to take the nasty spiders of the fangberries. The Chew spiders are vicious spiders the swarm of chew spiders — a species of aggressive spider the size of a man’s thumb and with particularly large, serrated fangs. The chew spiders scuttle out to attack anyone who enters the thicket and have a taste for meat and blood.

9 portions of fangeberrys were harvested, Rena not taking some of the damage.

24th Desnus – stay night at the farm, then head out and finish exploring by the end of the next day.

This odd creature is about the size of a wolf, but it has the slender build of a cat, heavy whiskers, and dark stripes down its back. Its long tail flips about, smacking the ground as it scans the woods. It yips and bays in a complex pattern, offering warning to anything that may cross its path.
This larger and more aggressive breed of thylacine can reach almost 8 feet long from nose to tail-tip, though still only weighing 100 pounds.


A series of quick, yipping barks come from an open pit in a clearing here. The pit, once covered by a layer of branches, has claimed a brush thylacine, and the hungry creature paces the confines of the 10-foot-square, 20-foot-deep pit in a frenzy.

​Thylacines are large marsupial carnivores. They typically hunt alone, only occasionally forming small packs. Thylacines hunt at night, and rest during the day in nests hidden away from the world in hollowed trees or bushes. Farmers fear the creatures, blaming all manner of problems on them. However, thylacines are quite shy and antisocial, and usually avoid human settlements. Because of their odd, almost hybrid appearance, thylacines have a far harsher reputation than they probably should, playing a sort of bogeyman role in farming communities.​

Rena fell down this trap, and they ended up having to defend themselves against the creature.

24th Desnus – carried on exploring the area where they found the pit trap with the Thylacine.

25th Desnus They come across a large creature, making a nest in a clearing ahead of them
owlbear.png and then start exploring the next area. The headed into the area, the river has several sandy islets create a ford across this remote section of the Skunk River. The sandy islands make for a natural choke point in the Skunk river, but the thick piles of rubble, branches, leaves, and dead bodies that partially block the river’s flow are anything but natural. ​Several sandy islets create a ford across this remote section of the Skunk River. There is a pair of mated tatzlwyrms.​


26th Desnus – spend time to clearing the damn and then spent the rest of the day exploring the area.

27th Desnus
Cade pays respect as part of his faith important day. Remembrance Moon (Iomedae, Lastwall, Ustalav)
A national holiday to commemorate those who died in the Shining Crusade against the Whispering Tyrant. Although not strictly a religious holiday, Iomedae’s name is heavily invoked, due to her many military accomplishments during the war.

​The stink of moldering plants and a strange quiet in the sound of birdlife surrounds a somewhat sunken clearing in the woods here. At the center of the clearing, the soggy ground becomes an insect-infested, stagnant, swamp-like pond, and sprawled at the pond’s southern edge is what appears to be a dead horse.

Took the unicron to the statue of Erastil and performed a ritual to try nd remove the mark

28th & 29th Desnus – Take the body of the unicorn to the Temple of the Elk.

30th Desnus, see the fae Tyg-Titter-Tut & Perlivash

31st Desnus – returned to Olegs


Abinessy Abinessy

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