Dorset Style - 06. Kingmaker

Back in Restov

We have to go to the mayoral palace when we get there. Kesten Garess leaves one man behind with Akiros Ismort in charge, so he can come to Restov with the rest of the prisoners.

We leave Lehava behind at Oleg’s to work on her book.

We are taken to see Jenner Sochal, no waiting this time! The Lord Mayor Ioseph Sellemius would like to organise an official meeting with reps from all the Houses and organisations who will want to be involved in the next phase of work. Jenna asks us to keep this quiet, but they want us to establish a community in the greenbelt to keep it safer. We will be given some rights of rulership from Brevoy. All 4 groups will be given this opportunity. Varnling Host, Iron Wraith and The Drelev Company won;t be attending because they are dealing with their own matters.

Drevlev Co have already got their rulership charter, the Lord Regent of Brevoy Noleski Surtova​ organised it to be held in New Stetven (capital of Brevoy), he’s linked to House Surtova. So we have a couple of days in Restov while this is all organised. We give an edited copy of the map to Jenner.

We decide if we are taking sponsors, Aldori Swordlords, House Medvyed, and in a pinch, Orlovsky.

So, we get an invite to an afternoon do. We meet the Mayor. Not much pomp and ceremony, a buffet not a sit down meal, about 60 people there, Mayor does a small speech about us bringing stability to greenbelt, has asked people here to help support us to develop a community and perhaps ultimately open up trade routes that have been closed e.g opening up river routes to Absalom. Even a minor contribution will help, it’s all for the good of Brevoy.

We are presented with a charter for setting up a kingdom that is vassal to Brevoy but have our own autonomy. Outside of Brevoy but supported BY Brevoy.

Jenner points out the key players to us. Biggest group here is the Sword Lords, not their main leaders, but 3 or 4 in command is Minerva Lebedev, there’s a dwarf from house Garess, brother of leader of house Lebeda, house Medyev, also Orlovsky and house surtova, chruche of Abader and Gorum, also Head of Erastil and another one I’ve forgotten, also reps from River Kingdoms, Caiden Caelen, ‘an awful dwarf’ here to talk about humans and them encroaching on the stolen lands, Iomadae rep is here, some mercenaries who are looking to emigrate and have somehow managed to get themsleves a ticket, no reps from other neighbouring kingdoms.

Sword Lords come over, offer help and an ambassador exchange within 6 months, providing we accept nothing from surtova.

Lady comes over, smiling in ornate red dress, lots of jewellery, visible silver key necklace that doesn’t quite fit with the rest. Priestess of Abadar, but not top rank. Komana Lodovka. Investment offers – build shrine to Abadar within 5 months so worshippers in our capital have somewhere to go, kingdom must not be chaotic, Law must be approved by Abadar, trials and proceedings as Abadar teaches. After say 5 years they would want to promote trade, sponsor/take dominion over a transport route – e.g. a river or a road – for this we get 7 build points. Greater offer would be they’d want a temple within 2 years, and for that we get ?, Kingdom must be Lawful, High Priest needed to be resident, they’d help to decide candidates treasurer or marshall of kingdom – this would give 20 build points… What does dominion mean? So they would tax people for using it, money to church of Abadar within Kingdom to be spent within the kingdom (Rena adds this bit). Rena queries what the purpose of a judge is in a trial in Abadar’s terms – he asks whether the spirit or the letter of the law is more important…She says that they attempt to be neutral and impartial, however individual priests can be harsher .

Erastil – human male priest, down to earth, is the High Priest! Ivanki somebody, is a carpenter, not often in Restov although he’s a council member, he’s not very decisive, he’s a man of virtue (about a level 10 cleric), he’s heard about the temple and the statue, offers to help us restore Erastil sites, can mainly offer skilled people to help, asks for a shrine to Erastil within the capital city within 8 months, also re wellbeing of people, no chaos or evil in kingdom, if we don’t use the temple of the elk as the initial settlement, they’d like it to be the secondary settlement within 2 years, he invites us to come and see him at his temple (barn) to find out about the old bear priest at the temple) cursed priest story. The offer – 6 build points. Potential for high priest. Cade asks about Ismort. He will speak to him if he visits him. Rena tells him about the unicorn. He will have a think, we need to speak to him again later. Thinks he might have to come to the temple to see it.

Iomedae lady comes to see us. She was Cade’s mentor. The High Priest wants us to convert a proportion of the population to Iomedae, and he’ll build us a temple! She offers us her 16 yr old lad acolyte who really needs to learn some humility. Very idealistic. Rena asks for help in terms of martial assistance, training, she’ll go back and see if she can maybe negotiate a barracks, or a fortification…

next up is Cilen the trapper, narlmarches, on behalf of skilled tradesmen in our area, they have a loose network, interested in becoming part of our community, moving families into our area, help to establish kingdom, they want accommodation building so they could bring families.

Cade does detect evil. Nobody.

Next up is dwarf from house garess. They (dwarves & house garess) want exclusive mineral rights to the greenbelt, and if Kesten Garess is given no responsibility at all within the kingdom there’s an extra 1. Set up an ambassador, they get first refusal on running any mines for a leased period…they offer 20 (?) bp for this.

Naluska the White is next – very pale woman in over the top dress, wearing holy symbol of Pharasma. Seems very eccentric in dress etc. On behalf of Pharasma. No black necromancy!!!! A place for Pharasma to put the dead to rest, the more we do, the more they will give. A high priest would mean resources would flow in from outside Brevoy. Offer – build a shrine, 4 months, neutral alignment, any dead supervised by church….yada yada. 4 BP. We could negotiate for 2 BP and only fulfil 2 of the situpulations. Rena says we’re keen to have P in the kingdom, assures her undead and black necromancy will be banned, tells her about the tombs and that we’d be happy to sort something out on an ongoing basis over time. SHE SUGGESTS SHRINE in 6 months and outlawing – they’ll donate to the kingdom. 2 BP for that. We suggest we will also allow Pharasma worshippers of good standing, the oversight of burial of dead.

House Lebeda. Friendly human male noble with a lady on his arm. Reports directly to his sister. They are concerned we might upset the balance in Brevoy, want us to help maintain it, want an ambassador, want involvement in trade routes – he can make decisions on his house’s behalf. They want us to acknowledge Surtova as king. No deals with house Orlovsky (they’re deceitful and not helping the balance of power). Want trade alliances within a year. Happy if we’d take their political expertise in making decision on who the chief diplomat is….8 BP initially, for negotiations – if we recognise Surtova there’s be another 4 BP, if ruler is from Brevoy there’s another 1 BP, and Ruler is noble of Brevoy then another 1 BP. They would decide if the person was worthwhile for the bonus. Rena asks if he would be recognised, being a House Lebeda bastard :D – the noble says he doesn’t have the look of a noble, doesn’t show the breeding!!!!!! We shoo him gently away.

Medvyev next. Gurev, big bloke. Tells us striaght off he’s not going to be our ambassador, which is what they want within 6 months. Would sit well if we accept any offers from church of Erastil. Legal system – would to see law implemented that it’s illegal to despoil habitat of peaceful fey. Also been asked to give us a short list on who should fill the marshall position in the kingdom. Offer basic 6BP, church of erastil extra 6 BP, diplomacy bonus will apply with fey if we openly accept house medvyed offer.

Surtova next. Basically they get to make all the political decisions. Thank you very much we’ll get back to you.

Orlovsky – they won’t offer us anything, but they won’t penalise us either. If we want an ambassador, they’ll go for it.

Axemaster Grieven Surtova on behalf of church of Gorum. Stern man. Will sponsor us if we create a warrior kingdom worthy of the Iron Lord. 5 BP if building of military structure. Shrine to Gorum within 6 months, cannot be lawful, mandatory militia training for everyone after coming of age (2 yrs military service by age 25), church will oversee it – and take control of border areas (hexes).

Gelfrod – slightly tipsy witty joival gnome, priest of Caiden Cailean from River Kingdoms. On behalf of church – wants representation in our kingdom, must have an inn district in the city 6 months, brewery district in 8 months, negotiable on lawful or evil, but chaotic or good is fine, and must have more than 6 holidays a year within the first year. Suggests founding day for kingdom as a celebration. Offer – give us a priest with the wherewithal to establish a tavern (1 BP for him) – also 4 BP, if we have an atmosphere that attracts people, we’ll get a bonus on exploration – if we build a temple we get -2 to lawful but +2 to society. If we go lawful, they will only offer 2 BP. 3 BP if we outlaw slavery from the start.

Next wild looking human male, bits of tree in his hair, The Rainwalker, Gosray holy symbol. Blunt – not numerous and not wealthy, he says that we are sort of also River Kingdoms, which is why several people here from there. They want a shrine to Gosray. They believe in neutrality, preserve any unusual flora or fauna, e.g. fangberries and moon radishes. Keep settlements small, no more than 2 districts per settlement. 4 BP for that. For shrine and preservation – they’d offer a high priest for the shrine and 1 BP for each hex we preserve.

Mediator Druga sombre female dwarf from the Green Faith (the one we were warned about). If kingdom is highly regulated so that it doesn’t harm the land, then they will help us. Ideal would be a truly balanced kingdom – good evil life death. A grove for anyone in settlements to use to commune, preservation of unusual flora and fauna, druids should have influence on council for decision making. 14 BP. If High Priest is druid or similar extra 1BP. She says they won’t negotiate the offer is what it is, we either follow the green faith or we don’t. Message later, saying they will negotiate once we set up. If we are druid friendly and preserve as per Gosray (GM edit Gozreh), we’ll get some build points.

Male noble from house Balmont – minor noble house who are loosely linked/beholden to house Surtova. Current father has boosted house, but the son is a bit of a liability. Bit of a playboy, bringing house name into disrepute – the father is here, offers money or trade, but he wants us to take the son away from Brevoy but don’t give him any responsibility. 3 BP.

2 people come over together – a sword lord of Mivon (river kingdom) Bertrand somebody, and Emil Kara. Offer 2 BP for having Emil as the ambassador.

Various artists and expert, plus some mercenaries, tavern owners

Willem Manshing – is liaison for lumber consortium for Brevoy. Small venture in narlmarches, if we’re claiming it, they want an agreement with us. They’d want people to move in. They would want recognising as a guild in the kingdom. 5BP.

Tilda Barwin, another minor noble. Not offering trade agreements, her son was sent on diplomatic mission to river kingdoms, his group disappeared, she would like to hear any news. Would have had a signet ring with house crest, document satchels with diplomatic papers. We offer to return his remains if we find them.

Lots of people who want emigrate, minor guilds, some skilled people (retirement), 1 chap very posh but not noble, Tamarick Elenarc stuffy old bloke, very rich scholar, goes all over the place, very renowned, writing about history of the area, has bought house in Restov. Interested in anything to do with history and original empire when they tried to expand, wants to know, and depending on quality of info, there may be reward. Leave message at his residence. Uppara is his where his house is.

Guildsman looks down his nose at us, sneering Athland Daymant, stirring trouble, wealthy merchant , Merchant Guild. Trying to get us vetoed.

Madame Samantha Borner. Runs establishment in Restov on behalf of patrons in New Steven. ’Gentlemen’s club". Will fund building of her own premises in our capital city. It’s a brothel, but all voluntary presence. Nobody forced into anything they don’t want to. Will agree to local temple overseeing wellbeing.

Bloke wanting to know what our attitude is on immgrants – he makes Amina’s skin crawl. He’s made a beeline for all the women in the room, his female bodyguard looks like he makes her skin crawl too. He asks if we’re building really ncie houses. Looking for somewhere to settle down, claims he is a taxidermist. Asks if we have had any female applicants for taxidemry. Asks abotu single women generally. Amina puts him off by saying she doesn’t expect many single wiomen in the first 10 year.

There are 2 elves in this room. Sinia and Himmu – very open about their affection and not bothered about what humans think. They have a farm on borders of Brevoy. Heard our soil is better. They are winemakers, very high quality. Would bring new fame.

Human man with a young female half elf (who is staying away from people) but her father comes over. He is interested in what laws we have in place. Apparently Medyed owe him a favour. Rolo Lokowska. Sirenna is his daughter. She feels very vulnerable right now, has been bullied, not much of a life. Medyev will gift him some money to establish a place where she can feel safe. 2 BP for welcoming her.

We get details of where all the churches are or are staying if they’re not local, and embassies for all the others.


​​​​OOC note by the GM – NPC in attendance
The Swordlords of Restov – Lady Minerva Lebedev, Nikolai Lebedev, Lady Ludmila Marlidi and Jusif Larov.
Other swordlords: Kaksa Darkfury , Mikuf Goldbrace, Vogfit Deadspirit, Idse Edaddr, Annord Rezmiong, Koulmin Akreth.​

House Garess of Brevoy, Proctor Valmor Golka, a business-like female dwarf​
​House Lebeda of Brevoy, Lord Vasik Lebeda, a friendly human male noble, he has a lady Jennavieve Kensen on his arm for the evening.
​House Medvyed of Brevoy, Lord Srojir Medyved
​House Orlovsky of Brevoy, Lord Kalto Orlovsky​
House Surtova of Brevoy, Lady Rumiana Surtova
​​Silver Keybearer Komana Lodovka on behalf ot the Church of Abadar, Brevoy​
Axe Master Krevan Surtova on behalf of the Church of Gorum, Brevoy​
Naluska the White, an eccentric female human priest of Pharasma, as the representive of the Church of Pharasma, Brevoy​
Ezvanki Keegh, an affable human male priest of Erastil, who is the closest to the head of the Church of Erastil in Brevoy​
​Gelfrord Folhopple, a witty male gnome priest of Cayden Cailean – he is here on behalf of the Church of Cayden Cailean in the River Kingdoms and intrigued into what is happening with the Stolen Lands.​
Adar the Rainwalker, a wild-looking male human priest of Gozreh as representive from the River Kingdoms in Brevoy who does have its own church of Gozreh.​
“Mediator” Druga Kahlholm, a somber no nonses, gruff female dwarf druid, is in attendance intrigued by what humans encroaching on the stolen lands will bring. She hails from the River Kingdoms. – The Green Faith​
Frida priestess of Iomedae, Cades Mentor keeper of the small church of Iomedae in Restov.
​​​Swordlord Bertrand Cafagna, a braggadocios human male noble is one of the representives of Mivon, and Emil Kara his trainee
House Balmont of Brevoy (minor house), Lord Strathmir Balmont
Tilda Barwin – minor noble who son went missing on a diplomatic mission
​​​Wilhelm Manshing – the primary liaison for the Lumber Consortium who provide lumber for Brevoy
​Audreyn: Female Human Warrior (mercenary) bodyguarding Quantanilius Velliker.​
Tamerak Elenark – Stuffy and stale, with a boring voice and forgettable cadence, Tamerak Elenark is a rich scholar who travels much of the Inner Sea.
Athlan Daermund – Merchant who is not intreasted in expaning the buisness into the stolen lands and strongly advises against it.​​
Iosis Vemarelian – poet looking for a patron.
Madam Samantha Gorna – an incredibly attractive who is looking to start her own buisiness
​Cilen the Trapper – He is a veteran of the Narlmarches,
Rollo Luckovska and his daughter Sirenna Luckovska
Silalia and Himoon the Vinters a pair of elves who live on the border of Restov.
Quantanilius “Quanchy” Velliker

Back in Restov
Abinessy Abinessy

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