Dorset Style - 06. Kingmaker

Armags Tomb and Camp

The campsite consists of 11 circular tents, a fenced-in area for horses, and a wooden cage with a roof made of leather.

The large cage at the center of the campsite contains the five hostages that Armag took from Baron Drelev.

The walls, floors, and ceilings in Armag’s Tomb are carved from pale stone heavy with iron ore, a feature that gives the entire complex streaks of oxidized brown, not unlike long dead f lesh streaked in dried blood.
Except where otherwise noted, the rooms and corridors are 12 feet high, and the walls themselves are infused with ancient magic

Three alabaster statues stand along the western wall of this large square chamber. The statues depict well-proportioned Kellid men, each set in a different war-like pose.


The Black Sisters are actually quite young — they view their youth as a mark of shame, though, and dress in hooded clothes with high collars to hide their faces. They hope that as a reward for helping to achieve vengeance against Brevoy by leading a horde of barbarians
north, Gyronna will care for them in their old age to come.

Through the doors hidden by silent image to the east they head into another room: An alabaster statue of a barbarian stands in this antechamber against the north wall. Two five-foot passageways open to either side.

This alabaster statue’s unwavering gaze stares at a secret door on the south wall. Through this door is a passageway.
Sigils mark the walls of this dark passageway. Judging by the dust and abandoned cobwebs, it appears to have lain unused for centuries. A heavy fog restricts vision to just five feet.

A deadly and vicious bouquet of insectile claws sprouts from this horrid, three-legged, multi-eyed beast.​

Multi-limbed insectile horrors, derghodaemons spawn from souls slain by violent insanity, whether it be a mortal butchered by a psychotic criminal, a schizophrenic gutting himself to remove the invisible insects in his veins, or similar grisly scenarios. Moving with an irregular, skittering motion, perpetually chattering and jerking their limbs, these daemons disturb those who view them at a visceral level. Derghodaemons most often serve in the vanguards of daemon armies, herded forward by their more intelligent kindred. Their array of limbs and eyes allows them to wallow in the fray, lashing out at all they encounter, while their ability to induce confusion sows discord among foes. Notoriously difficult to control, derghodaemons left to roam the wilds of Abaddon seek portals leading onto the Material Plane and other sites where conflicts often arise. Even on other planes, they seek carnage, hunting for victims of opportunity, tearing apart and devouring anything smaller than themselves, including those who conjure them but lack the prowess to control them.


​Four massive pillars hold up this large dome-shaped chamber’s ceiling, which rises to a height of fifty feet. At the room’s center stands a towering suit of spiked armor.​

The statue at the center of the room is an iron golem crafted to resemble Gorum himself.

The corridor emerges into a huge natural cavern supported by a single, immense pillar of stone.

To the west rises a twentyfoot-high ridge capped by a small forest of stalagmites. The ceiling rises to a height of forty feet above.

​Two churning fountains take up alcoves to the east and west of this immense chamber, their water cascading down the faces of beautifully rendered maidens as if they were crying for the souls lost in battle. Directly ahead, four rows of intricately carved columns reach deeper into the chamber, resembling armed soldiers kneeling in honor of the massive statues of Gorum at the chamber’s far end. A set of stairs descends into a passageway to the north.​

Bloody Skeletons protected the area, they will keep getting back up unless they are put down in bless, hallow. with holy water or something to do wth thier creation.


After defeating the skeletons they head into the temple of gorum, which had the guardian, a man who had been here since the time of Armags death who Gorum had sent visions to him and then made him a eternal guardian of the place


For many years, Armag led his warriors to victory, proclaiming himself invincible and pridefully declaring himself Gorum’s champion. While Gorum was amused by his boastfulness, Pharasma was insulted, and sent aeons to defeat him. Gorum took offense, resulting in a battle of wits between the two deities. When Armag was finally felled in battle, Gorum infused Armag’s soul into his blade, thereby forbidding Armag’s soul to enter the Boneyard. He then sent word to Armag’s tribe to inter the body and equipment in a great tomb filled with guardians, traps, and tests. Gorum decreed that only the worthiest warrior would be fit to claim Ovinrbaane as their own, and all others would be slain and added to the guardians protecting the tomb.


Armag the Twice-Born lead the Tiger Lords barbarian tribe which serve as mercenaries for Pitax. He was raised by cultists of Gyronna to believe he was the reborn ancient Tiger Lords chieftain Armag and reportedly either seeks or already wields Armag’s legendary sword Ovinrbaane.

Ovinrbaane, Enemy of All Enemies, is a powerful, intelligent, but cursed greatsword once wielded by the barbarian warlord Armag, leader of the Tiger Lords tribe and follower of Gorum. Infused with the warlike spirit of its former wielder, the blade seeks only war and conflict. It protects its wielder from hostile magic and, it is said, infuses the wielder with a portion of Armag’s legendary power.

Rescued Girls: Anjana, Galine, Marinda, and Sophelia, along with Tamary Numesti, Kisandra’s sister


The Way of the Warriors Three (CR 11)
The Tactician’s Way​
Test of Tactics
Test of Prowess (CR 13)
Cavern of the Slain
Temple of Gorum
Armag’s Armory

Armags Tomb and Camp
Abinessy Abinessy

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