Dorset Style - 06. Kingmaker

6th Gozran 4714

Head off the rescue the five girls held by Armag the Twice Born.

First encounter met was the Chimera Pride, in the hills. The heads of these Chimera are red.

A small cave overlooks the valley floor near the top of a hill. The cave opening is devoid of vegetation and strewn with bones. Three nearby stone outcroppings bear signs of scratch marks left behind by some unseen animal or beast.​

A pride of four chimeras lair in this large cavern, taking to the air each day to hunt the southern plains. They particularly enjoy raiding the wild horses , as evidenced by the half-eaten carcass lying just inside their simple cave.

Although the majority of the chimeras’ prey so far has been horses or other wild animals, they sometimes fly over the swamp as well. Three dead boggards provide proof of this habit, and one of those three was a relatively powerful sorcerer. While the body’s been torn to ribbons, its bracers of armor +4 and wand of lightning bolt (22 charges) have survived.​


Abinessy Abinessy

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