Dorset Style - 06. Kingmaker

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cohorts find the Nuckelavee on the shores of Lake Hooktongue after coming across the denizens of the lake like the will-o-wasps and the three most dangerous are the giant river
eels, blood caimans, and constantly hungry freshwater elasmosauruses not including the monster named after the lake.

A mounted horseman gallops forth, soaked head to toe in gore and waving a blade with wild abandon. Yet as he moves, it becomes clear that horse and rider are joined as one—a humanoid torso sprouting from equine withers—and the gore is a grisly vision of naked muscle and leaking veins.


Among the cruelest and most monstrous of fey, nuckelavees ride forth from black waters to wreak bloody vengeance upon those who despoil nature despoilers. Horrifying, fleshless amalgams of man and horse, these monstrous avengers embody every wound and wickedness suffered by the wilds, their bodies loosing trails of gore and the pounds of their webbed hooves beating an inescapable threnody for all who earn their ire. Once they emerge from their refuges beneath cool waves or rivers, only destruction satisfies their merciless crusades, either that of their victims or their own.


Abinessy Abinessy

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