Dorset Style - 06. Kingmaker

5th Gozran 4710

Left Olegs and travelled 3 days to in explored a different area.

9th – On the fourth day in a new area we were attacked by a Drekavacs when we settled down for the night.

10th Came across Davik Nettles crossing, which had been burnt down. child toys, and emaciated dead dog with broken legs was found here. from his watery grave a man asked the silent sword to through the body of the stag lord into the river so he could get his vengeance for himself and his family.

11th explored the otherside of the bridge

12th headed north, towards the end of the day the single lighting struck oak tree was spotten, looking something like a clawed hand, like on the treasure map found in a bandits shoe in the spiders nest.

13th headed to the tree and found the hidden stash and completed exploring the area.


GM: end of session


Heading west (south west on the grid map) from the tree.

First day uneventful. 5 watches overnight. During the fey watch they wake us and say there is something out there and they are very scared. They wake us up. Cade first, then Rena, there is something stalking outside camp. Then me, Rena spots it, black shape very oversized black grey furred shaggy thing with glowing blue eyes. It’s a Warg. Intelligent, evil, good at tripping opponents, can see in the dark, very fast running.

We fight it in the dark in the camp. We kill it with the help of Rena’s celestial eagle. WE change to 3 shifts of watches with an NPC each, I’m on 3rd watch.

5th Gozran 4710

Next day we continue to explore the area.

Find tracks of warg, find a couple of dead mites (nasty little blue fey) and evidence of other kills, but only tracks of this one warg so far. Subcategory gremlin, live underground, known for having a lawful but evil society, intense hatred of dwarves and gnomes, cowardly, but can go into bloodthirsty frenzy. No signs of there being a pack, but mites are a worry in their own right.

Hulk of a sycamore tree 100 ft tall well known landmark and visible for miles around (in south part of hex). Tracks of mites lead towards the very old tree. Tracks amount to about a dozen. They always seem to be trapping small creatures and dragging them back to the tree.

The tree appears to be their lair. We look for the entrance. Root lined shaft which drops about 10 ft down into a 40ft tunnel. WE have to stoop , penalty to attack rolls -2.

Torches lit. Either way we go, it opens into a room.Tunnel extends east-west, we head east.

We enter a room, there’s a mite (we can use cold iron to kill them) and giant centipedes (which can see in the dark, they’re good at climbing, and they’re poisonous, they paralyse). It’s wet in here, dung piles, eggs on the piles, channels in the floor with stinky fluid in. Mite is sitting on stool with a large wooden bowl with disgusting smelling contents. It had bits of animals in it.

We fight them and kills them. Amina is poisoned by the centipede bite.

We move down into the next room. This has bookshelves and cracked windows on the walls (but they don;t go anywhere, they’re just like art). 6 mites in the room, 2 trying to play an instrument, 2 are chucking rocks at them, another 2 in a bed trying to read an upside down book. They shriek when they see us. They all stand up. WE fight. WE kill 4 and 2 run away into the next room, Cade follows them. Then we follow.

Tunnel giant tick, drains blood and carries disease – also 5 mites. We get through the mites but the tick is hard work. Cade takes a pounding. We get it in the end.

On the table there is a sack of coins and some odds and ends.

Note says : they have spears and lots of coin, Kobold statue: Kobolds have shiny human ring, magic dust, and lots of coin. As a paperweight is a winged Kobold statue. Loot – 193cp, 32gp, 120 sp, winged Kobold statue.

There is also a hex map, shows their lair, and the kobold lair which is south. Sootscale Cave is the entrance, I should be able to find that now.

We go and look into the next section, which is rope bridges across a chasm at the bottom of which is a whip tailed giant centipede. We decide discretion is the better part of valour and leggit above ground.

We let Lehava look at us and we rest up for the night. Overnight 6 mites have gone back under the tree.

Rena talks to the ancestors next morning. They say that the centipede is not the reason why the tree is dying, it’s just because it’s old.

We head into the other side of the tree after much healing and tending. Workbenches covered in tools and stuff. 2 mites busy working on nasty toys, including a caltrop launcher which they’re testing on each other. We go in and attack.

There’s a kobold prisioner. We kill them all and leave the prisoner tied up. Then the centipede arrives. Cade throws alchemists fire at it. We eventually kill it.

Then we kill a whole bunch more mites.

Then we check the chasm for anything interesting, but it’s mostly corpses.

We take the kobold back up to the surface and join the others. Cade listens to the kobold on the way out. Perlivash is our translator. Kobold is speaking draconic, saying we have their holy item (the statue we found) and that we can save his tribe from an evil shaman…..Tartak. He controls Sootscale who is their chieftain. Tartak is mad and is getting them to kill and destroy everything. Tartak used to be good, he died, village brought him back with paper thing, he used to be human, now he’s a kobold. Reincarnated and now hates humans. The humans in village didn’t like him as a kobold, he died fighting ogres, then after he returned he tried to join the ogres but they said bog off. Has a demon devil statue to replace holy idol, curses anyone who goes against him. Tribe is 12 miles away, south.

We decide to go after the bandits first because we are worried that they might go after Oleg since we killed their extortion party.

We head for where we think their camp is and start looking for tracks, gets easier to follow as we get close to soft banks of river. Lehava and the fey and kobold drop back as we get close….We try to get close enough for Rena to distract them so we can start the attack….

He uses Ghost sound, battle commences. There’s a human hater here who seems to be in charge. It’s a tough fight, but we kill 3 of them, the rest surrender, one isn’t dead but we execute them as per the law.

Two of them appear to be genuinely repentant, the other one not so much.

We search the camp. The wagon is trapped. We sort that out, pack everything on the wagon, and put the prisoners on.

There are 6 combat trained light horses and 1 combat trained heavy horse in the camp. Under a lookout platform, supplies like food, firewood, tents, 321 sp, 90gp, silver earrings, furs, music box, polished wooden case, 8 bottles worth 20 gp each, + equipment = 90 arrows, 4 daggers, 3 potions of CM, 2 masterwork handaxes, 6 composite longbows, 6 rapiers, 6 saps, masterwork chain shirt, 6 leather, 6 bucklers….4 large tents.

We question the bandits. It all sounds pretty nasty, some of them weren’t keen on how vicious it all was, but others, including the lookout we killed, enjoyed it. They say the stag lord’s camp is on the northern bank of the Tuskwater lake. If we follow the river we’re on now, we’d eventually come to the fort where the Stag Lord is, but this bandit hasn’t been there. ‘By the bloody bones of St Gilmore’, it’s mean fortified a bit. The amulets are given to trusted people to show they’re part of the crew. Tried to stop anyone else being bandits. Stag Lord keeps his face hidden, won;t stand for anyone else having any power in the whole area.

The mites had nicked a couple of bags from this camp here a couple of nights ago. Stag Lord being around about a year. Nobody has ever seen his face, he wears a big stag helmet stag skull thing, and is a deadeye with a bow. He asks people to call him Stag Lord, nobody knows him by any other name. Been in the area since he was a boy, there were rumours about him before, then about 2 years ago, they found the old fortification on the north shore of the tuskwater, he found the helmet, and ‘she’ told him he could be the king fo this land. There’s someone locked up in the basement, some people think he’s actually running the show, stag lord is drunk a lot of the time. Stag Lord’s fort is probably just outside of the area we are meant to be covering.

We head back to Oleg’s and nothing untoward happens.

5th Gozran 4710

We leave the silver earrings with Oleg to try and reunite them with their owner.

Same with music box.

We keep one tent with us and leave 3 at Oleg’s for storage.

Oleg got us a riding dog and 3 heavy horses.

We sell our non combat trained horses. WE keep the wagon. Jhod would like to come with us if we go near the temple. The tents can be used to house the ex bandits as guards.

Apparently the Narthrobble expedition is here to map the whole of the greenbelt. Not got a charter. They are gnomes.

One of the boggart tribes has a new leader and they’re causing probelms, attempts to use {river?] as a transport route have therefore fallen through.

5th Gozran 4710
Abinessy Abinessy

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