Stolen Lands

The Stolen Lands are an almost wholly unsettled region in the northeastern section of the River Kingdoms, bordering the nation of Brevoy.

Southern region of wilderness to the South of Rostland. Technically part of the River Kingdoms but Rostland has long viewed them as ‘stolen’ by bandits and other foul beasts.
Landmass: 33,000 square miles.

The Greenbelt: Dominated by the woodland known as the Narlmarches and the rolling hills of the Kamelands, this region is the closest to the southern borders of Rostland. Bandits are particularly rife in this area, and the rumors that they’ve organized under the banner of a secret bandit warlord. Other rumored problems in the region include mites, kobolds, malicious fey, and other dangerous monsters and wildlife.

Glenebon Uplands: One of the harsher regions of the Stolen Lands, if not the entire River Kingdoms, the region of Glenebon, also called the Glenebon Uplands, is characterized by rolling black hills, tall gray grass, and tangled scrub, scoured by harsh winds and summer brush fires. There is little shelter to be found in this unforgiving land. Wildlife includes beetles, snakes, rodents, and ragged wolves, but it is said that prides of manticores now lair in the region, ranging from the Branthlend Mountains, across the hills of Glenebon and into Numeria.

The Hooktongue Slough: To the northwest of the The Narlmarches lies the great swamp known as Hooktongue Slough. This swamp is an enormous slime pit, filled with tiny rivulets and brooks, as well as insects, rodents, and larger predators. Along the northern side of the Slough are large snakes and mysterious water-walking creatures that hunt near Lake Hooktongue. South of the Slough are several tribes of boggards inhabiting mound-islands, fiercely defending their little islands against invaders from the lake to the north. Trolls are also known to creep through the southern region of the swamp.

Nomen Heights: The easternmost reaches of the Stolen Lands contain a low mountain range and border the long-ruined realm of Iobaria. Recent rumours in Free city of Restov, suggest the swordlords sent a band of powerful mercenaries into this region.

Stolen Lands

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