The realm now known as Razmiran was once just another turbulent, violence filled River Kingdom where leadership changed as often as the years. This changed in 4661 AR when the land was conquered by a petty tyrant masquerading as a God.

Alignment Lawful evil
Capital Thronestep
Ruler Razmir
Government Theocractic Dictatorship


Razmiran is a realm devoted to its tyrannical ruler, Razmir, who claims he is a living god. He asserts that he achieved his divinity by passing the Test of the Starstone and now claims Razmiran as his own. Unbeknownst to many of the inhabitants of his deific realm, this is a lie. Razmir is little more than a powerful arcanist who feels no remorse in tricking an entire population into venerating him as an all-powerful god with the help of his chief lieutenants, coloquially called the Visions.

Gold-masked priests who have achieved the rank of Vision of the Fifteenth Step perform the day-to-day running of the country. These priests come from all walks of life: some are fierce warriors, while others are powerful wizards. As they are all dressed identically, most citizens obey them without question; many are vicious sadists with a lust for power, looking for an excuse to victimize the downtrodden.

Despite having little to do with the country’s daily operation, Razmir’s erratic proclamations are always enforced. Razmir issues these commands from a thirty-one-stepped throne, with each step supposedly representing one of the stages Razmir went through to achieve divinity. Atop this throne he hides his ageing form behind an ornate ivory mask, and grows more power-hungry every year

Foreign relations

Razmiran has poor relations with all three of the nations that border it. To the north lies haunted Ustalav, to the south the elven haven of Kyonin, and to the east the River Kingdoms to which Razmiran once belonged.35 The River Kingdom of Lambreth lies very close to the theocracy of Razmiran, and this proximity has brought about a particularly violent history between the two nations as Razmiran seeks to expand its land and influence in the River Kingdoms through conversion.6 Across Lake Encarthan, the rulers of Lastwall keep a close eye on Razmir and his clergy, and do not want its citizens to become distracted from their primary mission of watching the Hold of Belkzen and the prison of the Whispering Tyrant


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Thronestep (capital) ·
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Geographical Features

Avalon Bay ·
Lake Encarthan ·
Exalted Wood ·
Glass River ·
The Tracks ·
Vergan Forest ·
West Sellen River

Other Places of Interest

Aerduin’s Folly ·
Coastal Cairns ·
First Step ·
The Forgotten Track ·


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