What has happened to Varnhold?
My missing Brother


Forest Drake Hunt- Kingdom of Haven
Troll Blood – Bokken
Northern Howls – Kingdom of Haven / Traders
Shamblesap – Herbalist, Laurel Aitova
Quest: Wrath of the Scythe Tree – Tiressia
Quest: Replacing Melianse’s Trees – Melianse
Quest: Tomb Treasure – map found on Bokkens brother – the Mad hermit
Quest: Black Rattlecaps – Elga Verniex
Quest: Troll Slaying – The Kingdom of Haven, Charter from Restov
Quest: Hunting the Beast – Peacehold
Where’s Tig? – Source: Tig Tannersen’s distraught parents, Tatzlford
That Damn Turtle! – Source: Arven the fisherman.
I Swear I’m Sober! – Source: Stas, a local lumberjack.
A Lady’s Desire – Source: Lily Teskertin, local flirt.
Quest – Moon Radish Soup
Quest – Kill the Bandits – Wanted: Bandits
Quest – Deal with the Kobolds – Kobolds in the Hills
Quest – Kill Tuskgutter ​- Wanted: Tuskgutter​
Quest – Temple of the Elk
Quest – The Sootscale Statue – The Sacred Statue​
Quest – Find Wedding Svetlana’s Ring – Svetlana’s Ring​
Explore the Greenbelt – see Charters
Quest – Fangberries
Quest – Falgrim Sneeg ​ – Wanted: Falgrim Sneeg​
Quest – Tatzlwyrm Head – Wanted: Tatzlwyrm​
Quest – Kill the Stag Lord – see Charter to Eliminate the Stag Lord
Quest – Daviks Revenge




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