The Kingdom of Haven

Information about the Kingdom,

Name of Kingdom: Haven
Location of Northern Greenbelt, Stolen Lands, River Kingdoms
Size of Kingdom (Hexes):

Important Locations

Name of Capital: Peacehold
Location of Capital: Mind Greenbelt on the Northern Shore of the Tuskwater

Fanghold, near the Fangberry thicket and a market town for the surrounding farms.
Bearhold, at the site of the ancient temple of the Elk
Thornhold, on the thorn river, where thorn river bandit camp was located.
Firsthold, at Olegs Trading post
Rememberancehold, at Unicorn Falls.

Important people in the Kingdom

Ruler: Rena – main residence at Peacehold
Councillor: Svetlana Leveton – main residence at Firsthold
General: Cade
Grand Diplomat: Rollo Luckovska
High Priest: Jhod Kavken – - main residence at Bearhold
Magister: Amina Nyissia
Marshal: Akiros Ismort
Royal Enforcer: Audreyn
Spymaster: Madame Samantha Gorna – main residence at Peacehold
Treasurer: Oleg Leveton – main residence at Firsthold
Warden: Kesten Garess


Havens Holidays – see Holiday Edicts
Law in Haven


Dorset Style - 06. Kingmaker Abinessy Sulavan