Character Questionnaire and Background

Some information on your origins and connection would be very welcome as there is lots of possible intrigue and politics in the background especially after the first book. Knowing a little about your character will help me give you options based on your character.

In hero lab their is the option of using a background tab and selecting some possible ideas.

Finally home question you may wish to answer:

What is your full name

Where are you from?
If your from Brevoy which “Duchies” (House Garess, House Lebeda, House Lodovka, House Medvyed, House Orlovsky, House Surtova) are you from and how do you feel about the house?
If your not from Brevoy, why have you traveled here?

Do you have family?
Parents and Siblings
Looking for romance, happily married?
Estranged, supporting?

What social rank are you?
(please look at the kingmaker players guide)
if your noble, what is your standing in the house.

The main religions of Brevoy are:
Abadar (most powerful and common)
Gorum (nobility)
Pharasma (commoners, and the healers)
Erastil, rare in the nation as whole, but present in pockets.
Lamashtu (outlawed)
Issia also follow Calistria, Cayden Cailean, and Desna, nefarious – Norgorber
Travelers of the Sellen River frequently encounter priests or
shrines dedicated to Hanspur (outlawed in river kingdoms)
Countryside Erastil and Gozreh
Which do you follow? if you dont follow one of these deties which do you follow and how did you find your god?

Any major circumstance or events in your upbringing? have they shaped your word view?

What professions where the influential people in your life, and have you followed in their footsteps? (mentor, parents..)

Character Questionnaire and Background

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