Character Creation

Before anything else, I would strongly recommend taking a look at the Kingmaker Players’ Guide. If nothing else, read the paragraph for your chosen Race and the paragraph for your chosen Class.

We will be utilising the Paizo-published Pathfinder rulebooks (many of which are available in the dropbox, and the abilities from them are on HeroLab, or alternatively available here).

Other rules in play are listed under House Rules. There is a listing of a suggested default for your Hero Lab character settings here.

The below lists the basic creation guidelines and the optional rules in play. Please note that whilst some rules such as the downtime system add some extra admin, the in-game inclusions are generally because either they simplify the existing rules (e.g. crafting), they reduce admin (e.g. automatic bonus progression reduces loot admin), or they make the affected aspect less bland (e.g. disease/poison alternate rules). In most cases, you do not need to know the ins-and-outs of these rules unless you are planning to make active use of them, the rest will be covered as and when they arise in-game.

As with everything, if something is abused, we’re likely to remove it.

Who are you?

You need to have a back story that explains why you are the way you are today, how you came to be what you are (as far as classes go), how you ended up where you ended are (why are you in town). Your back stories can be as simple or as complicated as you want. Feel free to use the herolab background sheet or roll the details up, use your campaign trait to help with this.

Lore (Brevoy)

Abi has strongly suggested that it would be worthwhile for one of us to have this, or if not to have the hard skill ooc knowledge of that area of the setting… unfortunately, Golarion is a big world and it is some distance away from anything I’ve played with as a ref, so I’m going with the “worth having someone with the skill” principle!


One of the tasks that the party will be required to undertake will be exploration of the region. As such, one of the party will need to map the area (both ooc and ic), and will probably want to have suitably related skills – knowledge (geography) and survival.

Is there anyone who particularly wishes to cover this? I can do it if no one wants to, but more on a “willing to do it” than “want to do it” basis!

Also, does anyone have any suggestions for good computer-based mapping tools for this, as if we’re mostly going to be working over skype, a format that everyone can see would be good…

Investment & Kingdom Building

Kingmaker obviously has a significant investment in the fact the party will be setting up a kingdom. As such it is worth considering what sort of aspects you will wish to be involved in and invest in for the kingdom.

The roles available for the party to fill – either themselves, using cohorts and companions, or with NPCs they meet on their travels – include the Ruler, Consort* (boosts kingdom morale and can rule in his stead), Councilor (vizier/advisor), General, Grand Diplomat, Heir* (increases morale), High Priest, Magister, Marshal (remote law enforcement & border enforcement), Royal Enforcer* (law enforcement & fugitive hunting), Spymaster, Treasurer, Viceroy* (sub-ruler over a specific territory), and Warden (city law enforcement & leadership protection).

The starred roles do not cause penalties if unfilled. If anyone thinks their character is liable to aim for a specific one, might be worth mentioning so that we don’t have all three of us striving for the same goal?


Any of the Pathfinder deities is feasible to follow, but Abi has noted that there are three main deities worshipped by the general local population of Brevoy – Abadar, Pharasma, and Gorum.

Basic Rules Stuff

  • XP Progression: Medium
  • Point Buy: 20 points
  • Starting Gold: Average for class
  • Starting HP: Max
  • Starting Traits: 2 (Kingmaker campaign traits obviously recommended)
  • Tech Level: Emerging Guns


Standard PC races and Featured races should be fine as they are balanced to a certain level.

Uncommon races by approval as some are not balanced against the standard PC races.

Bear in mind that non-standard races may have obvious disadvantages from their nature.

The Race Builder from the Advanced Race Guide is not in use, no custom races are allowed.


Unchained classes from Pathfinder Unchained are allowed as alternatives.

Archetypes are generally fine, but ensure I am aware that you have taken it so that I can ensure it isn’t unbalancing or otherwise problematic.

Any Archetypes that apply to high-tech equipment will not be allowed. Many gun-wielding archetypes for non-Gunslingers will also not be allowed, and they will need discussion with me.


Fractional Base Bonuses from Pathfinder Unchained are in play.

Variant Multiclassing from Pathfinder Unchained is available as an option, but traditional multiclassing remains allowed if preferred.


All generically available feats (i.e. those not tied to a particular optional rules system), including combat, teamwork, etc, will be available as standard.

Variant Leadership feats from Ultimate Intrigue will be available.

Alignment and Combat Stamina feats from Pathfinder Unchained are available.


It would be recommended that at least one person of the group has a fair understanding of Brevoy (either as an OOC hard skill related to character background or as a knowledge skill).

The campaign will feature wilderness quite heavily, so someone who doesn’t get lost and can survive in the wilderness would be an asset to any adventuring group.

Skill Unlocks, and Occult Skill Unlocks, are available through purchase of the relevant feats or possession of the relevant class.

Background Skills from Pathfinder Unchained are in play.

Alternate Crafting/Profession rules from Pathfinder Unchained are in play.

Spells & Magic

Automatic Bonus Progression from Pathfinder Unchained will be in use for magic items, removing the general “+X” bonuses from the game.

Magic Item Crafting will be possible, so Magic Item Creation feats may be taken.


Use of the honour codes from Ultimate Campaign is available if desired. If you wish to work to one of the honour codes, they provide a small benefit in dealings with those who also follow your code, enabling access to favours once per game session (whether Abi alters this to “once per chapter” or something I don’t know given that we tend to longer sessions that the average game).

The codes available are Chivalric, Criminal, Political, Samurai, and Tribal.

Final Rules Note

A number of the systemics in or not in play may vary thoughts on character generation. Please see House Rules for more details.

Please add me!

Once your character has been created, be sure to make a character page (“Characters” on the sidebar, click the “+” sign in the upper right of the page). At minimum you’ll want to include a physical description and a basic background, including what your relationship is with your fellow party members and notes on any NPCs you may have ties to.

Character Creation

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