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Travels of the Quiet Sword

Year 4710
Calistril 4710
Pharast 4710
Gozran 4710
Desnus 4710
Sarenith 4710
Erastus 4710
Arodus 4710
Rova 4710
Lamashan 4710
Neth 4710
Kuthona 4710

Year 4711

Year 4712

Year 4710

Calistril 4710

Rumour have been heard that their is some hiring occurring in Restov, and that the Noble Houses, the Swordlords, the Lord Mayor and Church officials have been putting their own candidates forward. Information about potentials was gleaned from many different sources.

24 Calistril – Charters signed by King Noleski Surtova

Pharast 4710

1 Pharast – The group is requested to attend the Mayoral palace in Restov
2 Pharast – Set off and arrive at Nivakta’s Crossing
3 Pharast – Travel from Nivakta Crossing to arrive at Fort Serenko
5 Pharast – Travel from Fort Serenko
10 Pharast – Arrive at Olegs
12 Pharast – Bandits due for the “Tax” at Olegs
13 Pharast – Started to Explore the Greenbelt
14 Pharast – Met Bokken who is after Fangberries.
15 Pharast nothing much seen today
16 Pharast – we found four black kobolds.
17 Pharast – Trapdoor spider
18 Pharast – returned to Olegs, guards had arrived at Olegs, and Oleg had put up poster that had been brought from Restov by Kesten Garess and his guards. One of his guards has returned to Restov to get news etc.
19 Pharast – met Vekkel,Breeg,Arven, Beven, and Stas. who were heading to Olegs for a drinking session.
20 & 21 Pharast – trap filled glades in the Narlmarches, some seemed designed to get two legged victims. (vernal equinox, planting week for followers of erastil) – it took two days the cover search the hex with the Narlmarches forest in it.
22 Pharast – Avatt a hunter was met, who told you about the ancients of the plains to the west and that the Tiger Lords are their decedent’s. They used to run over the whole of Numeria, Rostland and much of the river kingdoms.
23 Pharast – Barbarian Cairn. Magical Ring found.
26 Pharast – enter back in The Narlmarches forest and cross the thorn river.
27 Pharast – Breeg Orlivanch, the disreputable trapper responsible for the traps has been found dead, crushed by his own trap.
28 Pharast – meet Tyg-Titter-Tut and Perlivash
29 Pharast – led by the fae to the Temple of the Elk
30 Pharast – Finish exploring this area

Gozran 4710

1 Gozran
2 Gozran – heading to area that the fae tell us the radish patch is in, Fae find a fae hating hunter in the area.
3 Gozran – found the radish patch.
4 Gozran – the return to Olegs, meet Jhod Kavken
9 Gozran – Attacked by a Drekavacs, after travelling for 4 days.
10 Gozran – Came across Davik Nettles crossing
13 Gozran – found a hidden cache of dead stag lord bandit.
18 Gozran – The Thorn Ford Camp
21 Gozran – Return to Olegs
21 Gozran – travelled into Narlmarches again, with the fae and Jhod.
23 Gozran – dropped off Perlivash, Tyg-Titter-Tut at thier home
24 Gozran – Jhod Kavken taken to the temple of the Elk
25 Gozran – Hot spring / frog pond
28 Gozran – find an old statue of Erastil,
30 Gozran – Tuskgutters Lair

Desnus 4710

1 Desnus – Explored area around the Thorn River Camp.
2 Desnus – return to Olegs
3 Desnus – Charter from Restov to bring the stag lord to justice recieved.
Notice given for the 3rd Erastus celebrations to be held at the Statue of Erastil.
5 Desnus – explored the area and found a hidden gold mine.
7 Desnus – the Sootscale Caverns
11 Desnus – return to Olegs
12 Desnus – trained at Olegs
19 Desnus – Leave Olegs
23 Desnus – Arrive in area where the Fangberry thicket can be found.
24 Desnus – Thylacine
25 Desnus – Owlbear & Tatzylwyrm
27 Desnus – Dead Unicorn & Remembrance Moon (Iomedae) respected
31 Desnus – after a trip via the Statue of Erastil, temple of the Elk, and the Fae Nests the group return to Olegs

Sarenith 4710

1 Sarenith – Leave Olegs via Bokkens to head to the Stag Lords Fort
6 Sarenith – Arrive at Stag Lords Fort
12 Sarenith – return to Olegs with prisoners, message sent to Restov

Over the next couple of weeks, several journeys are made to sort out the goods at the Stag Lords fort, and get people to the statue of Erastil.

Some of the prisoners are assigned to work detail, Akiros Ismort is to be assigned to Jhod Kavken.

Erastus 4710

3 Erastus – Archerfest takes place at the Statue of Erastil

  1. The Quiet Sword head to Restov where they are assigned a charter to bring rulership to the Greenbelt. This is supported by the Swordlords of Restov, but they are not a vassal of Brevoy.
  2. A meeting is set up by the Lord Mayor Ioseph Sellemius and the Sworldlords to help with the foundation of the Kingdom. – Some friends, allies and enemies are made.

Arodus 4710

1st. Founder Day: Found the Kingdom of Haven, claiming the Area around the stag lords fort.

  • The Capital city of Peachold is founded, work on converting the stag lords fort into a watch tower begins. The watchtower is renamed Peace Through Vigilance.
  • A Fishery is set up, to feed the* people who have arrived to build and live in Peacehold.

Rova 4710

  • The Kingdom makes a claim on the area in which the Fangberry Thicket was found.
  • A settlement called Fanghold is establised, starting with building some housing, inn and a shrine to Pharasma.
  • The area around the fangberries is protected from development.
  • Farms establised around Peacehold
  • The foundation of a road network is started.

Lamashan 4710

Area of woods claimed, a shrine to Gozreh set up in Fanghold so they can help protect the Fangeberries.
The population of Haven experience a food shortage this month.

Neth 4710

Area around the ancient temple of the Elk claimed by the kingdom.
A settlement called Bearhold is establised at this location,
In Peacehold the Shrine of Abadar of established, embassies for the Swordlords, and house Medveyd are also established.

Kuthona 4710

The area around Thorn River Camp, which is a ford in the forest is claimed, a settlement named Thornhold is establised here, along with a sawmill.
Fanghold see it first Brewery, and more housing to get people out of the snow is also built.

Year 4711

Abadius 4711

Calistril 4711

Pharast 4711

Gozran 4711

Desnus 4711

Sarenith 4711

Erastus 4711



Lamashan 4711

Neth 4711

Kuthona 4711

Year 4712

Abadius 4712

Calistril 4712

Pharast 4712

Campaign Timeline

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