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The Nation
Locations in Brevoy
* Notable Towns and Cities
* Other Settlements
* Geography: Rivers & Waterways
* Geography: Hills & Mountains
* Geography – Other Features

Capital New Stetven (population 32,850)​

Other Notable Settlements: Grayhaven (population 5,880), Port Ice (population 13,260), Restov (population 18,670), Skywatch (population 6,590)​

Ruler: King Noleski Surtova​
Brevoy’s government is a heredity monarchy ruled by a king, although many (particularly those dwelling in the southern region known as Rostland) privately contest the current king’s right to rule. ​

Languages: Common, Hallit, Skald, Varisian, Draconic

Main Religions:Abadar, Erastil (rare), Gorum, Lamashtu (outlawed), Pharasma​
Most Brevic people will follow the pantheon as a whole but these are the main detites that have their own following. – see The Gods for more information

Imports: Spices, cloth, exotic curiosities​

Exports: Grains, fish and shellfish, timber, iron, copper, fur, salt, liquor​ ​​

The Nation

Brevoy is a proud land, known throughout Golarion for producing able warriors, regal nobles, and clever rogues. Yet Brevoy’s two regions, Issia and Rostland, have long held one another in contempt and now stand on the verge of civil war.

Both Issia and Rostland were independent nations until Choral the Conqueror’s barbarian armies and red dragon servitors united the regions into a single kingdom two centuries ago. Until recently, the iron rule of House Rogarvia maintained a fragile peace between the two regions. But a decade ago, House Rogarvia mysteriously disappeared, and the conniving leaders of Issia’s House Surtova supplanted them as Brevoy’s rulers. Now a labyrinthine political landscape plagues the nation, full of secret alliances, provincial loyalties, and nefarious plots; civil war seems inevitable.

In Rostland to the south, the swordlords see in many of Issia’s recent political moves the swift approach of such a war. They rightly fear such an event, for Rostland is smaller than Issia, it has fewer armies, and its rolling hills and grasslands offer very little in the way of natural defenses. Worse, unlike Issia, whose northern border stretches along the Lake of Mists and Veils, which offers some defense, Rostland’s southern border lies along a stretch of wilderness infested with bandits and monsters. If Brevoy falls into civil war, it won’t be long at all before the violent, opportunistic vultures to the south move to take advantage of Rostland’s problems.

Brevoy is a place where you can travel for days between small villages, to say nothing of the long journey between larger strongholds of civilization. These places tend to huddle in the shadows of the mountains, and along the shores of the rivers and lakes, leaving the lands between dotted with small settlements making their way as best they can.

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Mountainous and rocky plains to the north, rolling hills and grasslands to the south, with a large region of forest in the east. Brevoy’s highest point is Mount Veshka in the north-central area of the nation. Its lowlands are centered on Lake Reykal in the south-central region.​

Locations in Brevoy

Notable Towns and Cities

New Stetven population ~33,000
Grayhaven (population ~6000; mining town in the West),
Port Ice (population ~14,000; the former capital of Issia),
Free city of Restov (population ~19,000; the centre of Rostland culture, and a ‘free city’ owing fealty direct to the crown rather than any noble house),
Skywatch (population ~6,500; now sealed from the outside world).

Other Settlements

Geography – Rivers and Waterways

·Awzera River
·Choral River
·East Sellen River
·Gray River
·Icerime River
·Little Icerime River
·Lake of Mists and Veils
·Ravenroost River
·Lake Reykal
·Shrike River
·Silver River
·Stetven River
·Winterbreak Bay

Geography: Hills & Mountains

Golushkin Mountains
Icerime Peaks
• Mount Veshka
Valley of Fire

Geography – Other Features

Acuben Isle
• Claw Point
Gronzi Forest
Rostland Plains​​


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