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  • Willas Gundarson

    one of Maegar Varn's adventuring companions Marshal of Varnhold Willas Gundarson is the least friendly member of the varnling host. He actively dislikes Caspar who frequently criticizes Willas’s proclivities. Willas is frequently separated from the …

  • Caspar Morgarion

    Minister in [[House Medvyed | House Medvyed]] lands as a Cleric of Erastil for 30 years, and a good friend of [[:maegar-varn | Maegar Varn]] and his family. He joined [[:maegar-varn | Maegar Varn]] in recent times after being given a calling to do so my …

  • Howitt Gurney

    Howitt spent many years as a man-at-arms for an Issian warlord in northern Brevoy before meeting Maegar Varn. He is one of Maegar’s oldest and most loyal friends. Currently serves as Maegar’s Sergeant of Arms in Varnhold.

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