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  • The Quiet Sword

    h2. Current Members [[:cade | Cade]], since Calistril 4710 [[:amina-nyissia | Amina Nyissia]], since Calistril 4710 [[:rena | Rena]], since Calistril 4710 h3. Former Members None h3. Travelling companions [[:lehava | Lehava]]

  • Cade

    Born to slavery in Chelish lands, Cade never knew his parents, raised by other slaves alongside his younger brother Evan. Shortly after they hit adolescence, a group of freedom fighters broke into their master's home to free the slaves, finding they had …

  • Rena Lebeda

    Bastard born to a servant girl and a noble of [[House Lebeda | House Lebeda]]. His mother was thrown out of the household when it was discovered she was with child to prevent a scandal. Rena's mother diead on the streets when he was young, he returned …

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