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  • Varnling Host

    Well-established band of mercenaries lead by Maegar Varn. They now have established a kingdom called Varnhold, with the capital of the same name in the Nomen Heights area of the Stolen lands. h3. Varnling Host Roster [[:maegar-varn | Maegar …

  • Maegar Varn

    Always seeking an opportunity to advance his status and wealth, he joined the swordlords while pursuing an audacious career as a mercenary. The Varnling Host were granted a charter from the Swordlords of Restov, charging them with exploring the …

  • Bal Immdrirr​​

    Inquisitor or Torag. Dark brown, close-cropped hair and full beard. Slim for a male dwarf, almost svelte. [[Iron Wraith]] Roster ​Ordrimmur Thaast Bal Immdrirr Havlar Azzak Ridil Ovsten Urif Tharad ​

  • Aurex Thewsen

    He brags lots and blows his own trumpet. But his groups (he tells them as his own deeds) are impressive and numerous. He is hoping the Brevoy will give him a charter.

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