Dorset Style - 06. Kingmaker

Sarenith 4710


Having left Olegs on the 1st Sarenith stopping off at Bokkens for potions the group make it to the Stag Lords Fort and wait for the cover of night.
The hillside is a place where zombies sprung from the earth, some showed signs of being followers of Gryonna at some point. They waited until night to approach again hoping the cover of darkness would mean they could control the fighting and entrance better.

They went through a hidden secret door having had to fight the undead on the hillside.
After heading in they headed up stairs to take out the watch towers firsts.
Ayles Megesen, Falgrim Sneeg,​ and Jex the Snitch the tower guards were all taken down but kept alive to take back and stand trial. Auchs a child like adult looked around and when hurt asked the party to save him, and was left playing with his toys while they checked out the ret of the fort.

Downstairs in the central room they found the dim witted Cragger, Topper, and Dirty Jeb who had being playing a card game, they stopped with noise upstairs and the sound of 16 men at the front gate. Also in the same room was Fat Norry who was eating a second dinner of a whole roast turkey, and Dovan from Nisroch​ who quielty had everyone scared into dealing with the intruders.

The sounds of the fight also alerted the Akiros Ismort: and the Stag Lord. When Cade was breifly dropped by the Stag Lord (It was Rena blessing of the ancestors that allowed hi to get back on his feet as Rena took some of the wounds upon himself) Akiros Ismort became involved and started fighting the Stag Lord. Rena took the chance and the ancestors started to protect him too, which again save his life as he dropped breifly from a savage blows by the Stag Lord and Dovan from Nisroch​ (who was enjoying taking it out on Ismort).

The Staglord and Dovan were killed, all the other were stabalised unconscious. Ismort offered his weapon to Rena but it was not accepted and he led them into the basement.

In the Cellar, ​this room feels miserably damp, and greasy swaths of mold cake the carved stone walls and floor. The ceiling fifteen feet overhead is thick with cobwebs. Three archways in the walls open into other rooms, all of which are filled with mounds of crates, furs, sacks, weapons, and other obviously stolen loot.​ was a man who Ismort called over to heal the new recruits. As Ismort was a lieutent he reclently obey and healed Rena.
The man – Nugrah the Decrepit “Freak” talked to them, showing his cruel violent and twisted personlaity to the group. Cade started the fight by using his own greed against him. It was short fight as he had not made himself ready due to Ismorts deciet. Nugrah was also taken prisoner.

Afterwards they look in at the captured owlbear beaky and debated what to do, due to the great hostility and conditions, in the morning they put the owlbear down. They also called Lehava in who had stayed looking after the horses while the quiet sword entered into the fortress.

The prisoners were taken back to Olegs for processing and questioning. Then some were then to be taken to Restov to face trial including Falgrim Sneeg who was wanted by Kesten. The body of the stag lord had been thrown into the river, allowing Davik Nettles to be put to rest. His ranseur washed up on shore close to where the body was tossed in just a fe minutues later.

The Archers feast was held within a couple of weeks at the Statue of Erastil, many trappers, hunters and local farmers came out of the woods and lands, infact more have been seen since news of the bandits demise as they no longer hide from the signs of human movement. There are some incidents of some less deseriables are around, but they are less and not organised no longer being the same threat to the farmers and few residances in the area.

GM Log - 19rd Desnus 4710

19TH Desnus 4710 – Leave Olegs
23rd Desnus 4710 – In area of Fangeberry thicket, they come across a farm, the owners have been suffering under the nearby stag lords fort.


When they find the Fangberry Thicket they hunt for a carcass to take the nasty spiders of the fangberries. The Chew spiders are vicious spiders the swarm of chew spiders — a species of aggressive spider the size of a man’s thumb and with particularly large, serrated fangs. The chew spiders scuttle out to attack anyone who enters the thicket and have a taste for meat and blood.

9 portions of fangeberrys were harvested, Rena not taking some of the damage.

24th Desnus – stay night at the farm, then head out and finish exploring by the end of the next day.

This odd creature is about the size of a wolf, but it has the slender build of a cat, heavy whiskers, and dark stripes down its back. Its long tail flips about, smacking the ground as it scans the woods. It yips and bays in a complex pattern, offering warning to anything that may cross its path.
This larger and more aggressive breed of thylacine can reach almost 8 feet long from nose to tail-tip, though still only weighing 100 pounds.


A series of quick, yipping barks come from an open pit in a clearing here. The pit, once covered by a layer of branches, has claimed a brush thylacine, and the hungry creature paces the confines of the 10-foot-square, 20-foot-deep pit in a frenzy.

​Thylacines are large marsupial carnivores. They typically hunt alone, only occasionally forming small packs. Thylacines hunt at night, and rest during the day in nests hidden away from the world in hollowed trees or bushes. Farmers fear the creatures, blaming all manner of problems on them. However, thylacines are quite shy and antisocial, and usually avoid human settlements. Because of their odd, almost hybrid appearance, thylacines have a far harsher reputation than they probably should, playing a sort of bogeyman role in farming communities.​

Rena fell down this trap, and they ended up having to defend themselves against the creature.

24th Desnus – carried on exploring the area where they found the pit trap with the Thylacine.

25th Desnus They come across a large creature, making a nest in a clearing ahead of them
owlbear.png and then start exploring the next area. The headed into the area, the river has several sandy islets create a ford across this remote section of the Skunk River. The sandy islands make for a natural choke point in the Skunk river, but the thick piles of rubble, branches, leaves, and dead bodies that partially block the river’s flow are anything but natural. ​Several sandy islets create a ford across this remote section of the Skunk River. There is a pair of mated tatzlwyrms.​


26th Desnus – spend time to clearing the damn and then spent the rest of the day exploring the area.

27th Desnus
Cade pays respect as part of his faith important day. Remembrance Moon (Iomedae, Lastwall, Ustalav)
A national holiday to commemorate those who died in the Shining Crusade against the Whispering Tyrant. Although not strictly a religious holiday, Iomedae’s name is heavily invoked, due to her many military accomplishments during the war.

​The stink of moldering plants and a strange quiet in the sound of birdlife surrounds a somewhat sunken clearing in the woods here. At the center of the clearing, the soggy ground becomes an insect-infested, stagnant, swamp-like pond, and sprawled at the pond’s southern edge is what appears to be a dead horse.

Took the unicron to the statue of Erastil and performed a ritual to try nd remove the mark

28th & 29th Desnus – Take the body of the unicorn to the Temple of the Elk.

30th Desnus, see the fae Tyg-Titter-Tut & Perlivash

31st Desnus – returned to Olegs

3rd December session notes

We head due south, straight to the river ford. 4 days travel, then we reach a hex we haven’t explored. Heading for the fangberry thicket for the alchemist. Hilly area, we can see the forest close by. We find a couple of farms at some distance apart, they seem locked down as we approach, the occupants are clearly hiding. We say we want to trade, we’re not from the Stag Lord, we’re exploring, we’d like to set up an agreement to trade for food, but they often don’t have enough to feed themselves after the stag lord’s tithe. They’re barely subsisting. We ask when their next tithe is due, they come a couple of times a month. They will be very happy to trade if we can rid the area of the Stag Lord, there are trappers and hunters etc here too who would trade with us. They’re interested in Oleg’s wife’s pregnancy, we get some milk off them, and leave them a spare tent as they have some repairs to do. We tell them about the intended festival at the statue in 2 months time.

We arrive in a long thin valley between 2 hills, we find fangberry thickets, covered in white silk spider webs. Uh oh! Chew spiders in the bushes, they can pierce skins and they swarm, they like meat. So we camp away from them, and set about doing some hunting to use the dead animal to draw the spiders away from the thickets so we can pick the fangberries. We find deer, catch one, butcher some meat off for ourselves, and then swing the carcass close to the thicket and drop it. They swarm, and then Amina throws in an Alchemists Fire to destroy them. Then we go and start picking berries. Rena goes first, while we keep an eye on spider movements. He gets caught on thorns and take 4 damage. He gets hurt again, and then we get smart and work together. We get 9 lots of fangberries.

Whole thing takes us a day and a half to explore. We go back to the farm for the night. We set watches as usual. Nothing happens.

Next day, we move into the next grid area. Is forest. A day to explore. Afternoon when we start exploring, we walk into a clearing in the woods, in the ground there seems to be quite a few layers of branches, and there are yipping barks coming from it. Could be brush thyocenes, carnivores. Large! Known to plague farmers, quite clever. We approach with the intention of skirting round, but it looks like they are stuck in a pit trap. Rena approaches slowly with some dog food – at 5 ft we reflex save, Rena falls in and Amina dives in after him. Rena attempts to calm it with the dog food. Doesn’t work, it attacks. Cade doesn’t fall down the pit, and attempts to shoot the beastie from the rim of the pit. We end up having to kill it, which wasn’t the plan.

We camp uneventfully that evening, and then finish exploring that hex.

We run into an adult owlbear in a clearing. Cade sneaks up, sees what it is, and comes back. We know they’re not friendly and you can’t train them very well. We are going to attempt to befriend it! Yes, we are mental. Rena actually manages to persuade it not to kill him……but that’s just initially. Then it goes for him. So we fight it. Rena takes a bit of a pasting but not too bad, and we win.

In the nest area, it’s added something shiny to the pile. It’s a pocketwatch! Still in working order. We take it with us. There’s blood on what’s left of the snapped chain. Probably someone that was killed quite recently as it’s not too badly weathered.

We move onwards. On the 25th we’re into the next hex. River goes through this one, comes in top right, curves out into the middle then goes out of bottom right. It’s the Skunk river. Start in North west, getting near the river, sandy islets create a ford, but lots of dead bodies and stuff blocking bits in between, we hear trilling noises from river. Uh oh, Tatselwurm, and two of them! We prepare for a fight. We win. We’re taking them back to Olaf’s. We go an d look at the mound of debris that was where they were hanging about. Several skeletons. One is wearing a nice suit of small masterwork scale mail. And a masterwork cold iron long sword. Another one, human, with rotting leather backpack, 38 gp 500 sp coins, a silver ring, pewter drinking stein, scroll case containing a partially completed exploring map (doesn’t tell us anything we don’t already know). Jade carving of a nude female elven monk. We spend half a day clearing the blockage across the river. The rest of the day is also uneventful.

Into the next unexplored hex. More woods. Full moon tonight. Day of Remembrance for Cade and Lehava. Mid afternoon we come across a place with a stink of mouldering plants, it’s very quiet, no birds, soggy ground in the centre of a clearing, what appears to be a dead horse on one side of boggy pond. Amina gets right up to the dead horse, lots of insects down here, nothing has touched the dead horse. No insects on it at all. On the brow of the horse is a stump. There is a faint lingering necromantic aura and evil on the dead unicorn. Rena consults the ancestors, who are in favour of us trying to cleanse the glade. He casts purify food and water on the pool. We take the dead unicorn (which is in a state of Gentle Repose) to the statue of Erastil. There by the end of the day. Rena and Amina pray to Erastil.

Feel prayer is acknowledged but nothing happens.

We try a ceremony to break the curse on it. We are briefly given arcane sight, we see a rune inscribed on the unicorn, then a spell cast that kills the creature, the mark is still there, we feel an anti-life repulsion from the mark. It is slowly fading.

We take it back to the shrine and speak with dead tells us it was a creature of the first world of purest corrupted beauty that killed the unicorn. Jhod will keep it here on the off chance we ever find a way to bring it back.

We set off back to Oleg’s via the fey nest, we tell Tyg and Perlivash what happened to the unicorn. We ask them if they know anything that might bring back the unicorn, or if they have any idea what she would be trying to do with a unicorn horn. They think the stag lord carries a token of the fey queen around with him.

They tell us that when Jhod is alone, he has very low self esteem.

We head for Oleg’s, get there in the afternoon, and turn around straight away the next morning. We hand over the tatzelwyrms and the fangberries. Get 700 for the 2 wyrms and an extra potion off Bokken. We need to see Bokken at his place. Got 500 store credit extra for the 500 sp.

We buy some potions.

We think it is going to take 5.5 days from Oleg’s to the Stag Lord’s fort. Very uneventful trip.

Stag Lord’s fort – head down the river, there’s the Tuskwater lake in the Kamelands. The Skunk river comes into the Tuskwater. It is an actual fort near where the river comes down through the Tuskwater. Its on a hill, hard earth path winds up the hill to the entrance. There is no cover, no shrubbery, nothing. About 300ft down the hill there is cover from which to observe.

fORT IS 2 STOREYS, ON TOP THERE ARE 3 LOOKOUT POSITIONS. They’re looking at the path, not paying much attention to the hillside. Could see it if they wanted though. Palisade 15 ft high round the fort, no squeezing through between the logs though. As we look around, we see a site of sunken earth to one of the sides. We scout it out. Cade goes to look without his armour as he is quieter and more sneaky that way!

Earth below his feet shifts and moves and something emerges. There is a doorway with lots of rubble and what appear to be zombies.

We’re going to go up under cover of darkness and try to clear the door and go in that way past the zombies. 4 of them come out and attempt to attack us. Then another 4. Then some more. Then they stop, we reach the doorway and start clearing the debris. We get through the door and there are stairs in front of us.

We can see a big guy to our right on a rough bed surrounded by toys, on the broken stone upper floor of the interior building of the fort. As we move, we hear other people moving about, walkways creaking.

We have a fight. \We subdue Fallgrim Sneeg, Auchs surrenders (childlike), and we heal the other one so he doesn’t die. We go downstairs and there are more of them.

A guy called Ismort suddenly joins in the fight against the stag lord. With his help, we kill the stag lord and his minions.

Apparently in the basement is a decrepit old man called Nugrah the Decrepit, who some people think was controlling the stag lord, but Ismort doesn’t. He says he made a mistake, and as soon as he saw the chance to make it right, he took it and attacked the stag lord. Old bloke is really nasty and a magic user who can cast summons and heal himself.. We go down with Ismort leading, Cade established that the old guy is evil (faint aura). We manage to bring him down after a chat. We learn the old man used to torture the stag lord when he was a child. The stag lord killed his own mother.

WE basically take over the fort. We learn from the ancestors that Beaky the owlbear cannot be tamed so we will need to kill it.

Ismort warns that Auchs will try to please us, but has sadistic tendencies. Everyone else is tied up or dead. We bring Lehava and the horses/wagon into the fort and camp for the night.

There is a lot of loot. We set off back with all the prisoners and the good stuff, leaving the rest to be collected at a later date. 2 weeks at Olegs to sort out the prisoners, and all the goods etc. We have to go to Restov for the reward for killing the stag lord.

OOC Admin Notes

Session 6 – OOC Notes

Party is now level 4.

Party has some time to do some retraining or item crafting.

The Quiet Sword have allocated 7 days to doing this.


  • purchase requests sent to Restov on 13th Desnus with Kesten soliders regular trip.
  • 3rd Desnus, former thorn river bandits taken to Olegs and start trying to improve Olegs by increasing accomidation space. – 3 Prisoners.

Haasthven – A tall, dark haired man. He is a ranger of sorts with an extensive knowledge of animals and how to train them. – Skilled at hiding and sniping.

Brenimi- A short woman with short dark-hair; she is middle-aged homely and quite unattractive but bubbly and pleasant at all times. She has a natual green thumb and enjoy growing things. Her knowledge and skill in cultivating has led you to assign her to begin making some crops at Oleg’s. she likes to plant potatos, carrots, sugar beets, and has started a mushroom patch. She explains that the area is ripe for the major grains – but there’s not enough area to really sow and reap them at this point. – she was a lookout

Chymal – A hunter, self serving and lazy.

GM Log - 3rd Desnus 4710

3rd Desnus 4710

In the morning, having recieved a charter from Restov to kill the stag lord, and recieved ordered items. – reward 5000 GP


Notice given for the 3rd Erastus celebrations to be held at the Statue of Erastil.

Also recived reward for killing the bandits.


4th Desnus, travelled south to the next unexplored area

5th Desnus, explored the area and found a hidden gold mine.

6th Desnus, traveled the area traveresed by the thorn river in a 20ft deep gulch. one crossing found between two hills but was very rickety and would barely hold horse. so didnt cross and carried on south to see if any other crossings

7th Desnus – the Sootscale Caverns

They could not find the super secret escape route so go in through the main entrance.

they are lead into the sootclae caverns – and meet

8th Desnus, able to explore the other parts of the the area with the Rickety Bridge and thorn river ford.

Returned Olegs on the evening of the 11th Desnus


training is done by the party so they can be better in the fight with stag lord which should be occuring soon. they spend they next 6 days training and are ready to head out on the morning of the 19th Desnus.


22nd Gozran, left Olegs to travel towards the fairy nest and to drop off Perlivash, Tyg-Titter-Tut and Jhod Kavken.


23rd Gozran – travel NE and then SW to the Fairy Nests where Perlivash, Tyg-Titter-Tut say bye to their new friends.

24th Gozran – Travel through thr woods to the Temple of the Elk where they leave Jhod to claim the temple for his god Erastil.

25th Gozran – set off to explore the area arund the hot springs.


Two Giant frogs had taken up residance and were brutally attacking anyone or thing that approached the water edge.

26th Gozran – set off and explore another lot of plains, nothing eventful happends during this day.

27th Gozran – Head SW into area which heads back into the trees of the Narlmarches. They meet four Grig here who quiz them on why they have a kobold with them. During discussions Tiressia is mentioned as someone in the Narlmarches who may be able to help with the poorly sycamore, tree.


28th Gozran, more of the Narlmarches and a overgrown statue of Erastil.

​A 15-foot-tall statue of Erastil stands near the edge of the The Narlmarches, partially overgrown at the base but towering above the surrounding shrubbery. A worshiper of Erastil feels safe and at peace within 60 feet of this statue. Despite years of neglect, the site remains sacred to the god of the hunt.

Amina Nyissia and Rena pray and clean the statue and gained the benefit of a keen edge spell (CL 20th) for 1 week. As a non follower of Erastil Cade was not involved in the cleaning or praying to the statue of Erastil.

Rena was able to see that this had once been a hunting lodge of a Taldan explorer and settler who was favoured of Erastil, and today this still is a holy place of Erastil.

There was a suggestion by Rena that they build enough funds to rebuild the ancient hunting lodge again here, as this is a holy site of Erastil.

Oathday, 29th Gozran


The ground just east of the Skunk River here slumps away into a soggy mire, notable for the fact that a pair of ruined stone buildings jut from the soggy ground. These buildings have been claimed by a lone boggard and his monstrous frog-like pet, a tusked slurk called ​Garuum & Ubagub. It appears the Boggard has managed to learn a few words of common but not enough to hold a conversation.

That night during Amina watched they are attacked by two hungry wolves who stealthed into the camp and attacked as a pack to take Amina down.

The group witnessed Rena calling on the proctection of the ancestors taking the wounds of Amina aopn himself.

Fireday 30th Gozran – Tuskgutters Lair

Boars are among the more aggressive wild animals native to the Stolen Lands, but none are as notorious as Old Tuskgutter, a grizzled monster who’s vexed and avoided hunters for years. Identifiable by the distinctive gray bristles on his face, few hunters in the Greenbelt have not heard of this particular ill-tempered denizen. Tuskgutter’s lair is a hollow under a large fallen pine tree, the branches of which have created a natural shelter. Bones litter the den.

Starday, 1st Desnus 4710

Explore area around the Thorn River Camp.

2nd Desnus – return to Olegs with a 10 hour hike through the Narlmarches and the plains.

November 20th real world session

Oleg is planning to expand his fort, will need to hire carpenters etc from Restov.

We have questioned the bandits.

Oleg is going to use them as labour to work off their debt to society.

We set off out again and are taking the fey home. They have a gift from us of their favourite booze.

Heading west past the hot springs towards the shrine of Erastil. Also need to call in on the kobolds.

Uneventful journey to the fairy nest to drop off Tyg and Pervilash.

We drop Jhod off at the temple and help him set himself up and explore that area. He says we are always welcome to come back and get free spellcasting from him (but might have to ask us to provide spell components if they’re expensive (NB level 4 cleric for spellcasting purposes). Asks us to point any would be Erastil followers to come his way.

Smelly Skunk River runs through this area where hot springs are.

2 creatures in the springs living there, and some other remains of creatures. Giant frogs. Pretty unfriendly looking things (medium sized). We stay far enough away not to trigger an attack. Primary attack is tongue which has enormous reach. They will grapple with it, then try to swallow you whole (e.g. halfling size) – might struggle with a human. Can also bite. Good jumpers. Good sense of smell. We decide to attack them for the general good of travellers and local beasties. We kill them and move on, back into plains land (west). Uneventful day exploring.

Next day, halfway through, in woods – we meet 4 griggs. They shoot the kobold, but don’t kill him. They ask us morality questions. They seem fairly happy with our answers.

They tell us there is a fey in the Narlmarches somewhere (and there is some very scary stuff further south west) – it’s a dryad who might be able to help with the sick tree (Turezia). They entertain us with their music, and they’re quite good.

Next morning they ask where we’re going, so we say east-ish into the woods, they tell us to stop by the statue since we’re followers of Erastil. We tell them all our news about the shrine, hot springs etc.

We head off towards the Narlmarches. Ahead of us is a statue of Erastil near the entrance to the marches. We may come across a boggart that is a bit of an outcast but hes not as bad aS THE OTHERS BUT THEY STILL AVOID HIM.

Griggs lead us to statue, 15 ft tall, base is overgrown, within 60ft of it Rena and Amina feel at peace. So we try to clear the undergrowth away a bit. We’re told that if we camp by the statue, animals will stay away. We should remember to tell Jhod about this.

We pray here. Rena gets a vision. There was a hunter’s lodge in centuries gone by, but now there’s just the statue, but it’s still sacred to Erastil. All our slashing and piercing weapons get a week’s worth of Keen Edge. We decide to try and find the funds to rebuild the hunting lodge here. After a lovely peaceful night we move on.

Into the next area of the Narlmarches, Skunk river comes through here.

We come across some stone buildings. There is movement. Something emerges timidly with its hands up and a second creature next to it. One of them is a Schlurk, it’s slimey (knowledge arcana) – has low light and darkvision, hard to grapple because its slimey, and can range attack with a squirt of slime. Good at charging into things and running over them. The other one with its hands in the air (local DC 12 – I fail this) – its a boggart. It says TRUCE, doesn’t want to die. Boggart is Garrum and Schlurk is Ubergub [?]. Asks us to leave. We agree to move on.

We need to set watches again. Rena, Cade, Amina, Lehava in that order. Just past full moon. Just settled down to sleep and we’re disturbed (my watch) – smell of wet dog and the sounds of the local bird life stop. 2 wolves stealthing. Fight ensues. We kill them but take some damage. Rena uses some weird ability to take the damage instead of Amina and gets all shiny and glowy while he does. The rest of the night passes quietly. We try and use the wolf pelts but don’t salvage much. They were pretty skinny wolves.

Next morning we get moving again (new hex to the right). Most of day pretty uneventful. Mid afternoon. Large fallen pine tree, branches have created a natural shelter, there are small bones littering the place. It’s Tuskgutter!!!! He charges us. We fight and win. We’re taking it back with us on the wagon. Lehava will cast gentle repose on it to preserve it till we get back to Oleg’s. We investigate his lair.

We camp here for the night, same watches as before.

Now we head back into the area where the bandit camp was. Pretty uneventful. Once we’ve explored this area, we head directly back to Oleg’s. We get back pretty late in the day. There is rabbit stew for dinner. So straight to bed afterwards. Wifey has made us pulled pork sandwiches to take with us. We ask if the skin can be prepared for use in a cloak.

They have heard back from Restov about the bandits. Oleg asks Kesten to do the admin on some of it. We get the money for the bandits. Kesten has a charter for us from Restov – Stag Lord should be executed for his crimes against Brevoy (by us) – death or capture gets us 500gp. So we can move a bit further outside of our jurisdiction in order to capture him!

Put notice up of a festival inc archery contest at Erastil statue in 3 months time (whatever the date was for (Erastil holy day) – longbow as prize.

Oleg has started his expansion work. We talk to the old hunter about possibly making a cloak out of Tuskgutter to be given to the best hunter in the area.

We set out south again. This hex is foothills, grassland, rocky outcrops. Cade seems to think there is something odd about a rocky outcrop….thinks there’s a crack in the rocks. We go to look and see if there is anything already living in there, as if not we can use it to camp in. The crack is 5 ft wide goes in about 20 ft then opens out into 30ft wide cave. Its the lost mine we heard about at Oleg’s. It’s a gold mine. We camp overnight without incident.

Next hex is hilly with the Thorn river running through. 1 day to explore this.

Can’t cross river (broken bridge?) so going to explore this side of the river (north). So spend half day on this. Then drop down into hex below and explore north side of river there too. In the middle there is a Y in the Thorn river. It meets the Shryke. Where the rivers join and go south west, is a river crossing so the Thorn becomes very wide and shallow – a ford. However we carry on east. We camp for the night.

Rena’s watch (1st) sees in distance while on watch there is a light in the distance near the river. He observes it but doesn’t do anything else. He tells Cade about it when they change shift. It’s still there. Halfway through Cade’s watch it disappears. Night finishes uneventfully. Next morning we have bacon sarnies and move on into the next hex, where we should be guided by our kobold. Sootscale Caves here we come.

There are 2 entrances into caves, one is a secret tunnel that leads in to Tartuks rooms.

Apparently the Chief was ok before the shaman came along. Tartuk has a statue which gives him magic and he uses it to hurt them. Apparently the kobolds liked fishing better than hunting. We’re going to scout round looking for the secret entrance. We fail. So we’ll have to go in the front door. Fallen sign leans against the rock. There’s a mite in a cage as well.

MikMek goes first and asks them to let us in. Traps are disabled. We go in, into a cavern that’s stained with blood. There’s a statue similar to the one we have. Some kobolds in here scrubbing the floor. Cade looks into the statue and finds out Tartuk is completely mad and enjoys making the kobolds do things, and the god the statue is meant to be is actually made up. We move on into the common room. MikMek tells the kobolds not to attack as we have the statue. There is a pile of furs with a kobold sitting on them who is Chief Sootscale. Cade tells the chief the truth about the statue being a winged demon not a kobold. He smashes the statue and gives us permission to go beard the shaman in his lair.
So we do.

Cave is lined with a framework with coverings that are painted. We walk in and get the impression he knows what’s coming. He’s holding a sickle.

18th Gozran 4710
The Thorn Ford Camp

The Thorn Ford camp is relatively large, and well defended by numerous hidden platforms placed in the trees. The camp itself is about 60 feet from the Thorn’s
north bank—a path winds alongside a shallow creek that leads directly up to the campsite. This path continues for another 200 feet north of the camp before turning into a standard game trail.

The leader of this group is Kressle.

The group take three prisoners, then spend three days traveling back. (19, 20, 21)

14th Gozran 4710
GM Log

14th Gozran 4710 – uneventful day exploring

that evening during Perlivash and Tyg-Titter-Tut are interrupted during their watch.


The creature that attacked was on its own and identified as a Worg.

This unusually large wolf has an evil, almost intelligent light shining in its deep blue eyes. A typical worg has gray or black fur, stands 3 feet tall at the shoulder, and weighs 300 pounds.

They have good night vison, and were keeping to the shadows to hide.

15th Gozran 4710

On inspection and tracking in the morning, it is found to be on its own. Has killed quite a few smaller creatures in the area. including several little blue creatures.

Mite.jpg These creatures are identified as a type of fae called mites, a
Types of Gremlin. They are naturally cowardly though can go into a blood thirsty frenzy. Their most intense hatred is reserved for dwarves and gnomes, but they don’t like anything any humanoid creatures. They use vermin type creatures to protect their underground lairs. They are known to have an organised society but are evil in nature.

They track them back, ​Looming over all the hills in the northern Kamelands, a graying hulk of a sycamore tree clings precariously to its last years of life. The 100-foot-tall tree is a well-known landmark and is visible for miles around — but is also well known to be infested with mites. These malicious creatures spend their days perfecting grisly pranks, torturing small animals.


In the sycamore tree encountered were mites, giant centipedes and a mite riding a tick.


Rested and went back in, after some more kobolds came back from scouting out.

16th Gozran 4710

Returned to the Mite lair, rescued the Kobold Mikmek who told them about Tartuk a forman human who got reincarniated into a kobold and now is insane, twisted and very evil.

Travel towards the bandit encampment which will take two days.

17th Gozran 4710

Travel across hex, towards the Bandit encampment, which is on the river.

5th Gozran 4710

Left Olegs and travelled 3 days to in explored a different area.

9th – On the fourth day in a new area we were attacked by a Drekavacs when we settled down for the night.

10th Came across Davik Nettles crossing, which had been burnt down. child toys, and emaciated dead dog with broken legs was found here. from his watery grave a man asked the silent sword to through the body of the stag lord into the river so he could get his vengeance for himself and his family.

11th explored the otherside of the bridge

12th headed north, towards the end of the day the single lighting struck oak tree was spotten, looking something like a clawed hand, like on the treasure map found in a bandits shoe in the spiders nest.

13th headed to the tree and found the hidden stash and completed exploring the area.


GM: end of session


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