Dorset Style - 06. Kingmaker

5th Gozran 4710

Left Olegs and travelled 3 days to in explored a different area.

9th – On the fourth day in a new area we were attacked by a Drekavacs when we settled down for the night.

10th Came across Davik Nettles crossing, which had been burnt down. child toys, and emaciated dead dog with broken legs was found here. from his watery grave a man asked the silent sword to through the body of the stag lord into the river so he could get his vengeance for himself and his family.

11th explored the otherside of the bridge

12th headed north, towards the end of the day the single lighting struck oak tree was spotten, looking something like a clawed hand, like on the treasure map found in a bandits shoe in the spiders nest.

13th headed to the tree and found the hidden stash and completed exploring the area.


GM: end of session

4th Gozran - the return to Olegs

There is a new arrival at Olegs Trading Post – a man called Jhod Kavken.

Jhod ask about where has been explored and is very happy to hear that they found the lost temple of the Elk and put the tortured bear to rest. When it is safer to travel he asks that they escort him to the temple.
In exchange for this he will provide all of his spellcasting for free to the group for life (with the exception of expensive material components, which they will still need to supply).

Request an order from Restov
5 – Combat trained heavy horses, (1500 GP)
1 – Riding Dog. (150 GP)

Oathday, 1st Gozran


The day is mostly overcast with light rain in the evening. It seems that the days are getting warmer and the even the nights are no longer below freezing.

After finishing exploring the area around the temple they head back near the fairy nest and to where the radishes are – this takes three days to complete.
During the evening of the second day, the fae find a grumpy fae hating hunter, and steal his duck caller. Later Rena leads them back to the hunter who refuses to apologise for throwing rocks, and scares him off. The fae steal a duck from him and don’t understand why this is wrong upsetting Rena.

3rd Gozran – found the radish patch – four kobolds attacked saying it was their radish patch.

28th Pharast

28th an 29th meet Tyg-Titter-Tut and Perlivash


30th Pharast – led by the fae to the Temple of the Elk
31st Pharast – rested overnight at the temple of the elk after releasing the bear.

23 - 26th Pharast

23rd heading back towards olegs, plains
24th plains, heading towards the forest
25th Pharast, snow during the night, but eases up for the beginning of the day.
26th Pharast – enter back in The Narlmarches forest and cross the thorn river.


27th Pharast, Breeg Orlivanch, the disreputable trapper responsible for the traps has been found dead, crushed by his own trap.

Onwards and southwards

We are leaving the camp near the cairn and moving west (south west as we look at the grids)

Spend a day in this hex, find a couple of already looted cairns, good hunting country, but otherwise uneventful. Overcast all day, gets up to 0 degrees during the day

As night approaches, we look for somewhere safe to camp. Choose a looted cairn to give us some shelter.

Second day, we start to see the woods on the horizon towards end of day. There are hunters active in this area.

Camp again, during night on 3rd watch, hear wolves howling. Starts snowing just after midnight, then eases off around breakfast time.

We go into the forest again, it’s slower going then on the plains. 2.5 days to navigate a hex.

Quite a lot of disabled or deliberately triggered traps in here, like we saw before. Again, some of them have clearly been placed maliciously – bloody Breeg again, no doubt.

Towards end of second day, we come across a river (we’re in the Narlmarches) . Thorn river quire narrow, keep get quite deep at points, 30-60ft deep, tributary to the Shryke, which is part of Celen Network/Passage, major transport route, to open travel from River Kingdoms to Brevoy this would be a good way of doing it.

Some very odd sounds in this forest. Distinctive trill sound of Tatselwyrm coming up from river. We decide NOT to deliberately hunt it, but will kill it if it attacks us first. So we set up camp, hear quite bit of noise and kerfuffle nearby – two boars heading for our camp. Dinner on the hoof! They charge us. One of them attacks Cade and gravely wounds him, but he drinks a potion to heal. It’s a tough fight, the boars are very strong. We are getting badly battered. We eventually win, and butcher them for food.

We have a peaceful night

Next morning we come back to river, find a trap that looks like it was set to catch anyone using the ford. Find a not very decomposed corpe that looks like it was hit by a swinging log from the trap. Rope snapped. Nice looking hatchet buried in one of the logs. Corpse looks like Breeg, has effectively killed himself.

I attempt tp cross the ford cautiously. its ok. We do what we can to bury/cover Breeg.

Lots of movement in the trees above our heads. Think there have been Griggs (insectoid fey) up there but not right now.

We have boar for dinner. Peaceful. We settle down and have a peaceful night. We have completed another hex. Still in woodland, travelling east-ish. Day is warmer (3 degrees) but drizzle, no snow. Thorn river still winds through this one.

Around lunchtime (which is pig) it seems like the trees are trying to dump water or snow on Cade, every time he walks under a tree, for an hour, he gets it down the neck.

Couple of hours later, Rena goes to drink from flask, finds it’s empty.

Rena leaves 3 sp on a rock, and we leave some fruit as well. 1 of the sp moves 15 ft up into the air, then it moves away. We move away to let the fey get their gifts. Another coin does the same. We start a conversation with some fey. Rena tries diplomacy (24 roll) and discovers that they know where the camp of the Stag Lord’s men are – they draw up a crude map int he ground, and say the most they have seen there are 12 people. Camp is along teh Thorn river. Follow river to just before you come out of Narlmarches. Apparently the bandits are mean to fey and hurt them. There are yummy radishes in the next hex. And some hot springs nearby at top end of Skunk river at edge of Narlmarches near the hills. There is a miserable old bear guarding an old shrine to Erastil!!!!! The giant boar is further south. He attacks anything on sight according to the other fey. Tatselwyrms are along Skunk rver. There was a fairy queen a long time ago, she took a lot of lovers, including someone called the dancing lady, who is a fey who has redcaps who guard her. Fairy queen slept with monsters and human as well as fey.

Rena asks if fey would be able to help get rid of the bandits, but they say all they can do is keep an eye out for us.

Coming down to us are a Grigg called Tyg, and a male fairy dragon called Perlivash.

Rena is keen to go to the shrine once we have finished this hex, which takes another day. The two fey stay with us. Quiet day. They take a watch overnight. Then we set off for the Temple of the Elk and the big nasty bear.

Currently Explored

23rd Pharast 4710


The Hunters Ryme

A son of Mammoths, Tiger’s clan
He came upon the Stolen Lands.
By sword he smote, and rage he swore
To subjugate all in his war.

But pride for pride, and blood for blood,
With Gorum’s aid, did he succumb
To boasting loud, with haughty eye
That he, Armag, would never die.

To Gozreh and Pharasma’s eyes
The boast was nothing but a lie.
How dare,’ said they, ‘Armag should cry
That he, mere man, should never die!

The Pale One plotted from her home
To steal him to her Yard of Bones.
When she and Gozreh had their way,
That time was Armag’s dying day.

Red dragon sent by vengeful gods
Ripped out Armag’s heart with its claws.
But Gorum had last laugh that day;
Armag’s black soul was here to stay.

Ovinrbaane, so named the Sword
Was crafted by the Iron Lord
To keep the warrior’s soul interred
Until the stars had their last word.

And born again, he shall return
To widow wives, your fields to burn.
Twice-Born, Armag, with damning cry
Shall show the gods he’ll never die.

Gyronna’s chosen, without Name!
Black Sisters wielding hatred’s flame!
They’ll crack the Earth, and bleed the Sky:
Armag Twice-Born shall never die!

Notices at Olegs


Onwards Travels

14 Pharast Met Bokken an eccentric alchemist living on the plains
Bokken has asked you if you could find some Fangberries.
15 Pharast nothing much seen today
16 Pharast – we found four black kobolds.
17 Pharast – Trapdoor spider
18 Pharast – returned to Olegs, guards had arrived at Olegs, and Oleg had put up poster that had been brought from Restov by Kesten Garess and his guards. One of his guards has returned to Restov to get news etc.
19 Pharast – met Vekkel, Breeg, Arven, Beven, and Stas. who were heading to Olegs for a drinking session.
20 & 21 Pharast – trap filled glades in the Narlmarches, some seemed designed to get two legged victims. (vernal equinox, planting week for followers of erastil) – it took two days the cover search the hex with the Narlmarches forest in it.
22 Pharast – Hunter met, who told you about the ancients of the plains to the west and that the Tiger Lords are their decedent’s. They used to run over the whole of Numeria, Rostland and much of the river kingdoms.
23 Pharast – Barbarian Cairn. Magical Ring found.


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