Elga Verniex

Elga Verniex, aka the Old Beldame, aka the Swamp Witch


This ancient, stooped over woman has a green complexion and pointed ears, signs of the fey blood that runs deep in her viens .

Her dilapidated mud-brick hut squats atop a small hummock in the middle of a fetid marsh, a thin tendril of bluish smoke trickling through a gaping hole in its mosscovered roof. A wooden fence surrounding the perimeter of the mound is festooned with crude fetishes crafted out of sticks, feathers, and animal bones. A lone crow caws noisily from the top of a nearby cypress tree.


The Old Beldame is an aged spellcaster who lives near the western shore of the Tuskwater. Hunters and trappers in the area have long spread rumors that she is an evil witch or a hag. She is, however, surly, standoffish, half-deaf, and hates children.

​The Old Beldame doesn’t take kindly to visitors, and to help ensure her privacy, she’s animated a pumpkin-headed scarecrow to guard her hut and drive away unwanted guests. Those who regularly come to her for her assistance have long since learned to announce their presence before entering the gate.​​

Elga Verniex

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