Rena Lebeda

Tall (6'1") Black haired, brown eyed, dark skinned man, sporting a beard and always with cloth wrapped around his hands, wrists and forearms


Bastard born to a servant girl and a noble of House Lebeda. His mother was thrown out of the household when it was discovered she was with child to prevent a scandal.

Rena’s mother diead on the streets when he was young, he returned to House Lebeda and presented a ring she had been given as proof of his birth right, Rena was beaten and driven out of their lands, shortly afterwards he was captured by slavers on the boarder of Brevoy and the Stolen Lands where he was taken to Razmiran and sold to a builder. He still bears the marks of the manacles on his wrists, which he hides with strips of cloth around his hands, wrists and forearms.

Called by Rostland ancestors in his dreams, he escaped when Cayden Cailean anti slavers attacked the farm he was building. With their help he returned North to Brevoy and met up with Cade and Amina, forming the Quiet Sword mercenary group.

Rena Lebeda

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