Hannis Drelev

Leader of the Drelev Company


The youngest son of a minor noble family in southern Brevoy. Because he had little chance of inheriting his family’s land, he instead joined the Brevic military, where he distinguished himself until he lost an eye in a battle against a tribe of barbarians on the Numerian border. Drelev was discharged from the military, and made his way east to Restov, where his family used their money and influence to have his eye regenerated.

Hannis Drelev (age 36) was awarded with a charter to colonize the Wasted Lands along with his wife, Baroness Pavetta. Pavetta is a scion of a Surtovan family. Drelev was a merchant without noble blood who married the Baroness soon after the Surtovans came to power, seeking to better his station in life.

Drelev made his fortune trading textiles and in banking markets, facilitating loans and working as a broker. He has one sister, Medrina (age 31), a father and a mother- who all live in Brevoy.

The Drelev Company Roster
Hannis Drelev
Baroness Pavetta Drelev
Imeckus Stroon
Terrion Numesti
Satinder Morne​

Hannis Drelev

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