Former Bandit, Animal Trainer


Former Thorn River Bandit, taken to Olegs to work as part of the punishment for Banditry.

A tall, dark haired man. He is a ranger of sorts with an extensive knowledge of animals and how to train them. – Skilled at hiding and sniping.

He has worked hard and become part of the community after his sentencing to hard labour and community work for his banditry as part of the thorn River bandits under the eye of Kressle.

Now he has been released from the sentence he has stayed within Haven working mostly working with Animals, and being part of the groups formed by his community to deal with any approaching predator or undesirable that becomes a threat to the community. Once Thornhold was established he was moved to this location as he knew the area and was not deemed a flight risk. After he was released from his sentence he has stayed here and is an active part of the community.

His current goal in life would be to set up a business as an animal trainer. He currently suffices to look after the horses and dogs. And though this is not formal stables many people approach for his care of these beasts.



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