Fat Norry

Former Bandit, Master of the Pig Roast


Behind only Auchs in size, Fat Norry somehow never seems to lose weight despite the hard lives the bandits live. This rotund bandit is rarely seen without some sort of food clutched in a greasy hand.​


This man is more intreasted in eating that anything else, he doesnt seem to enjoy the crulety that some of the bandits revel in, and will often sit off to one side by himself.

Taken prisoner by ​ The quiet sword on the 7th Sarenith 4710. Taken to Olegs and sentaced to hard labours.

After one year of hard labour under the watchful eye of the Levetons he is a change man, still large and very fond of his food. He is a decent enough cook though does not have the skill of someone like Svetlana. He has become firm friends with many people of Firsthold, and is a welcome addition for any group travelling out and about today as his food may be rustic but always tasty and filling. He is often the man first to help unload and load wagon – especially if food is involved appraising what is there and coming up with suggestions.

As part of the community he has come out of his shell a little, and though can often still be found sitting to one side on his own will also get involved in planning and organisation of important events. He will not become involved with anything political or popularity based and at these point retreats back to his quiet corner.

Everyone in Peacehold can however agree on one thing – you must stay and partake in Norrys Pig Roast if your every around when one is happening. Every excuse they will ask Norry to put this one menu.

Fat Norry

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