Satyr lover of Tiressia




A sexually intense creature possessed of the best virtues of a young man and wild beast. He seems evasive and seductive but when his eyes fall upon Tiressia his passion and love are beyond mortal comprehension and threaten to overwhelm you.

The satyr, Falchos is unarguably devoted and loyal to the dryad, Tiressia. A bit neurotic and hyper, the fey goat/man creature enjoys a good meal of fish and beautiful soft music from his pan-pipes and soft elven chanting chorus singing.

When the The Quiet Sword first met in 4712 Falchos never left Tiressia’s side and is always quick to comply and see to her needs. Falchos was wounded when first met, a wound from the Scyth Tree.

As security and Saftey increases in the Narlmarches , Falcos will stay as the protector of Tiressia. as he is able to travel further than her, he is her messenger and link to life beyond her tree.


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