Fabiyan Surtova


A 6th child of his father, its been 5 years since he reached his majority and he has finally come to find his natural talent – the arcane.

His parents had tried to get him involved in running a business but he proved disastrous at that. However in the last year he has become a very adept at understanding the fundamentals of arcane magic.

His goal is to be able to study at the prestigious Arcanamirium in Absalom.

He is looking to acquire a rare and unusual familiar, as this will help impress the school as they are known to favour rare and exotic familiars. – His parent will not fund this, he needs to acquire this himself. Then and only then would they look at help funding him to go and study at School of Magic.

He is looking to travel to Absalom in the future to take his entrance exam. To help him prepare for this he is seeking to impress Tarlen Zheed to be his tutor

Fabiyan Surtova

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