Ezvanki Keegh

High Priest of Erastil


36 yr old Human Male
Cleric of Erastil


He his a very capable carpenter and priest of Erastil.

As the city’s high priest of Erastil for Brevoy and Restov he has a seat on the Council of Restov, but he rarely attends meetings. He is more often found ministering to the flock or helping the needy. That said, he is the single least divisive figure on the Council and is respected by virtually everyone in the city for his charity and virtue.

He was present when the The Quiet Sword were given the right to rule in the stolen lands in 4710. Infact he was one of the few actual leaders present, rather than a delegate sent. He was able to give a small amount of support from the Erastil, mostly in the way of skilled labours and goods (eg seeds etc) to get the community started. Though he will not leave Restov he makes every effort to make contact with both Jhod Kavken and Latricia Evanore in Haven.

Ezvanki Keegh

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