Evan Garess


​A cousin of the Garess family patriarch​, Lord Howlan Garess
Father of the disowned Kesten Garess

Beata Garess (deceased) – mother of his first three children.
Elyssa Garess – Mother of Jenny Garess, from a wealthy family to try and bring some trade back into the family.

Nadia b. 4683 (27​ yrs old​) – Eldest Daugher
Marquis b. 4685 (25​ yrs old​) – his eldest son, and due to inherit his house and lands.
Kesten b. 4687 (23 yrs old) – disowned
Jenny b. ​4692​ (18 yrs old) – Youngest child, only child of his second wife Elyssa

The family holds one of the warden fortifications of the land.
This massive castle, built of grey stone and set in a snowy pass, belongs to a scholarly duke. The castle in recent times has fallen into disrepar due to the lack of funds, since the vanishing.
The castle contains a strange prisoner and appears to be well-populated despite it poor economic state. It is approached by a narrow dirt road. Nearby is a bustling dwarven settlement (most of those who were cut off from the major town at the time of the vanishing) in which there is a seedy tavern.

Evan Garess

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