Eletah Teskertin​


Mother of Lily Teskertin who is often exasperated at her daughter. She and her husband have run in the past a Tavern but often didn’t like being dictated to by the Brewery who they leased the property from. They know there daughter is very capable just wish she would do more than flirt and be a barmaid and the only Inn in peacehold.

Eletah is a good baker, and often makes large batches which she sells of a cart in the streets of Peacehold, one may even say she is one of the first along with some of the farmers to start up a informal street market in peacehold.

Her aspiration would be too have her own bakery one day, but for now she bakes in the kitchen of the small house she shares with her husband and daughter (her son has joined some adventures/explorers ) who are helping to patrol and claim the lands for Haven.
She looks forward to there being a market in Haven where she will be able to more formally trade and buy produce.

Eletah Teskertin​

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