Dovan from Nisroch


Until Akiros usurped the role, Dovan was comfortably the second-in-command of the fort. Secretly pleased with the Stag Lord’s alcoholism, Dovan has been actively encouraging the man to drink, for as long as the Stag Lord is in his cups, more power over the bandits rests in Dovan’s hands. Dovan himself is a mystery to the bandits—a dark, tattooed figure with an obvious taste for pain and cruelty. All they know of him is that he claims to hail from Nisroch.

After a close call with a press gang, Dovan “recruited” Auchs by saving the huge man from a brawl Dovan engineered. Dovan often grows tired of Auchs’s simpleminded sounds, but is just as pleased with how well the oaf takes to torture—and the security his friendship brings can’t be denied. Of late, Dovan has been plotting ways to kill Akiros, but he can see how much both the Stag Lord and the other bandits admire him, and knows that he needs to make his move subtly. Until the PCs’ arrival, his best idea was to somehow get Auchs to attack and kill the fallen paladin, but he has yet to come upon a reliable way to goad Auchs into attacking Akiros.​

Killed by ​ The quiet sword on the 7th Sarenith 4710.

Dovan from Nisroch

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