Dirty Jeb

Human Bandit who followed the Stag Lord, now sentanced to hard labour


Dirty Jeb Megesen


Ayles Megesen’ younger brother, Dirty Jeb likes to think he got his nickname for his penchant for fighting dirty, when in fact the moniker stems from his aversion to hygiene. ​

This man is lazy, and prides in the fact he doesnt even do a “dishonestdays work” as a bandit let alone the harder days work of a pheasant. He cheats and plays dirty at everything he does and doesnt understand why he looses friends over this. Only one man is disliked more than him of the stag lords men and that is Jex Jex the Snitch. Like everyone he is however scared of the The Stag Lord

Taken prisoner by ​ The quiet sword on the 7th Sarenith 4710. Taken to Olegs and sentaced to hard labour, he proved that this was unable to reform after the first year, and his sadistic nature was still showing so was sentenced to more supervised labour. HIs personal hygiene has also not improved.

Dirty Jeb

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