the Trapper, veteran of the Narlmarches, and skilled tradesman


Cilen is one large man, hearty, and smelling of musty fur and beans. He is a veteran of the Narlmarches and its many denizens, and he’s skinned them all, he says. Every animal has a lost relative because of Cilen, so his tale goes. Whether such a thing is remotely true, he is quite a successful furrier, and is immensely strong, possibly the strongest man in the Greenbelt, and could likely best even Bruno in sheer brute force. That being said, he is no warrior. He’s a skilled tradesman who disappears into the forbidding forest for weeks, months at a time and usually comes out unscathed.

It is unknown his personal thoughts on politics, Haven, or anything else (aside from bandits, which he naturally despised). He is my preference one of those lone wolves, an independent. But as a big man no one would like to argue with, a man on wilderness and also effected with the uncertainty he agreed to their voice.

He now appears to spend most of his off-time in Taztlford, enjoying the company of lumberjacks hunters and other men.


Was present when the The Quiet Sword were given the right to rule in the stolen lands in 4710. He was there as speaker on behalf of the loose association of trappers that work within the narlmarches and surrounding area. To make sure that they would be able to continue to apply there trade, and if they were to work for the benfit of the new kingdom, that the new kingdom would work for them in providing a home and shelter for these men and there families. With the hope that they could establish a dialogue with these would be kingdom makers to form a guild of hunters and trappers within the kingdom.
He himself is a legend amongst trappers, some are surprised he never went after tuskgutter and took him down. He spends more time in the more dangerous southern narlmarches often disappearing into that area for weeks at a time.


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