Caspar Morgarion


Patriarch of Erastil and close friend to the Varn family, is a surprising sight amongst adventurers. Long past middle age, he abandoned thirty years of peaceful ministering to return the adventuring life. Erastil has called him to go into the Stolen Lands, he says, and protect the worshippers who live there from ‘the storm that approaches’.‚Äč


Minister in House Medvyed lands as a Cleric of Erastil for 30 years, and a good friend of Maegar Varn and his family. He joined Maegar Varn in recent times after being given a calling to do so my Erastil.

Since the founding of Varnhold he has established the main religion as Erastil and has established the small church, which has whitewashed walls and stainedglass windows gleaming in the sun. The bow symbol of Erastil shines like a beacon above the doors. The interior is simply furnished with wooden pews and a humble altar.

Caspar Morgarion

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