This small figure, dark of hair and pale of skin, bears icons of Iomedae prominently upon his clothing.


Halfling Occultist


Born to slavery in Chelish lands, Cade never knew his parents, raised by other slaves alongside his younger brother Evan. Shortly after they hit adolescence, a group of freedom fighters broke into their master’s home to free the slaves, finding they had vastly underestimated him and leading to a significant battle within the house. In the ensuing chaos, Cade and Evan fled, trying to make their way out of the battleground.

Unfortunately, their luck ran out as they neared the walls of their master’s compound, and Evan was struck by a stray arrow. He died in Cade’s arms, before Cade himself was forced to flee, ending up with the survivors of the freedom fighters as they escaped their botched assault with the few other freed slaves they had recovered.

They returned to the River Kingdoms, helping each of the freed slaves find somewhere to go. Due to Cade’s youth, they sought something less demanding for him, somewhere he could grow up in safety with someone to watch over him. As fortune would have it, an elderly (from his perspective) priest of Iomedae by the name of Frida had need of an extra pair of hands to help her with her duties at her small church in Restov, and Cade found a place there, and a mentor, learning of Iomedae and the ways of the sword from the woman who would become his new friend and mentor, telling him tales of Iomedae and her faith, as well as the fine traditions of the Aldori Swordlords.

Around a year ago, Frida gifted him a fine silver holy symbol of Iomedae, one passed down from her own tutor to her, from his to him, and so on. On receiving it, Cade made a discovery – he found that he formed a bond with its essence and learned to focus his mind through it to protect himself from harm. His second discovery came some months after, on completing work upon a personal set of vestments of the faith based on an ancient design he discovered, which he has found allow him to focus himself for greater strength and skill at arms.

It is time now for him to forge his own path. There is little Frida can teach him of his newfound abilities, and his swordsmanship is competent enough for her comfort. He has found a few short term jobs since he left the church, but now the call has gone out for those willing to explore the Stolen Lands, and he means to offer what aid he can to the quest.


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