Ex Bandit


Former Thorn River Bandit, taken to Olegs to work as part of the punishment for Banditry.

A short woman with short dark-hair; she is middle-aged homely and quite unattractive but bubbly and pleasant at all times. She has a natual green thumb and enjoy growing things. Her knowledge and skill in cultivating has led you to assign her to begin making some crops at Oleg’s. she likes to plant potatos, carrots, sugar beets, and has started a mushroom patch. She explains that the area is ripe for the major grains – but there’s not enough area to really sow and reap them at this point. – she was a lookout


She met the The Quiet Sword when they defeated the bandits under Kressle control and the thorn river bandit camp.
She yielded and went back to Olegs with three other of the Bandits.

She has found a new lease of life and has become very much part of the community and what was now Olegs trading post and what is now Firsthold. Svetlana Leveton has found he invaluable at keeping the people fed by increasing the plants grown, and even creating a herb garden specially for her. Even on the worst of days if something needs doing in the herb gardens, vegetable patches or similar you will find her out there.

When Rena performed his year review she was released from her community service, but has continued with the work she was doing. She has found a second chance, people who will accept her. Perhaps one day she may even get to run her own nursery or farm for the people of Haven.


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