Beven Armaki



Inn keeper who likes to boost moral of his local towns folk.
He comes from a line of men who hold onto the stories of their great great… grandfather who was an important Taldan scout. Beven in heretical and is proud of who and what he and his family are today.


The innkeeper currently wants to celebrate with a festival of fish. Celebration of the fisherfolk, fish and good food.
His dish for the day (with an entry price for joining him at the table, proceeds to funding something the community lacks) is a eel dish but not made from the plain old boring river eel but infact the rare and exquiste lake silverstep. Making the eel bake a rare and paticular fone dining meal.
Anyone who is anyone wants an invite to bid on a ticket. However he has to gind someone who can get the eels as it seems varnhold has stopped trading.

Beven Armaki

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