Hunter and Teller of Legends


A moderately skilled hunter.
A little bit of a coward, but brave enough to hunt in the Greenbelt plains, but no further than that!


In 4710 he met the quiet sword in the plains in the northern greenbelt. He shared a camp fire and some food with them. He shared with him the adapted version of the Prophecy of Armag the Twice-Born. He was able to spin tales and make the stories exciting that he told.

He still does not venture out to the more dangerous parts, so will never make the huge profits of some hunters, but he is happy to take down an elk and is generous sharing it with the people. He is a welcome sight for any of the communities, as he will often share his kill for a bed for the night and good company. His favourite hobby is telling stories and creating saga to share around the camp fire, often getting even the most morose of people to listen avidly. He may not have musical skill, or the up bring for a noble court but to any of the people he is a welcome addition for any evening…

Late in 4711 when news of Tania Weaver was received he has been asked to look at creating a saga about the fairy tale that is Tania and Keston story. The hope that the story or song may find it way to the camp fires, tavern hearths etc over the winter months so when the lady arrives in the spring of 4712 there can be an uplifting of spirits as they two lovers are reunited.


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