Ex Mercenary and Bodyguard now part of the Law and order of Haven


Female Human Warrior (mercenary) when she first met the The Quiet Sword were given the right to rule in the stolen lands in 4710 she was bodyguarding Quantanilius Velliker. Amina was subjected to some of his sleazy and made it quiet clear that she would be welcome in the Kingdom.

She was one of the earliest settlers in the Kingdom of Haven and was hired on as the Royal Enforcer.

On the review of the position after a year she made Kind Rena she was worried about the opinion that she would need to be an executioner or assassin as that is what the Royal Enforcer of Brevoy is rumoured to do. After discussions there was talk of renaming the position sheriff to make it clear that she was not the same as the perception of the Royal Enforcer of Brevoy – Ianomara‚Äč


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