a simple minded human bandit who was in the employ of the Stag Lord​


A lumbering lummox of a man, Auchs is simpleminded in everything but cruelty. He loves the sound of sobbing and screaming when the sounds aren’t coming from him, and gleefully crushes and pummels bandits and prisoners alike according to the commands of his fellow lieutenants or the Stag Lord. Illiterate, the only word Auchs can spell is his name—and not even then, since Dovan from Nisroch took perverse glee in telling him that “ox” was spelled “Auchs.” He’s traveled with Dovan from Nisroch for 6 months, after the smaller man saved him from being killed for starting a deadly brawl in a marketplace in Daggermark, and he was rarely found far from Dovan from Nisroch’s side — although he is taking an increasing liking to Akiros, much to Akiros’s annoyance.

Sarenith 4710 when the The Quiet Sword went to the Stag Lords fort they met Auchs who was on his roof playing with his toys. He attacked them, but after realising he could not bully them and they would hit back as Dovan from Nisroch was not in sight he yielded and didn’t enter the fight again.

He was taken back to Olegs to processed for his outlaw behaviour. He has continued with his behaviour as a bully and will get into arguments with anyone and lash out, not realising that with his strength he could kill a child.

On the years review of Kingdom positions and sentencing of the Bandits it was decided that he should not remain around civilisations as he can be a danger to the inhabitants, and therefore he has joined the patrol of the borders of the kingdom after Svetlana Leveton voiced her concern about the potential accident waiting to happen.​


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