Akiros Ismort


Ex-Paladin 1/Barbarian 3
Alignment N


After a personal tragedy, Akiros lost himself in the River Kingdoms, living as a bandit, a vagabond, and a criminal. Eventually his wandering took him into the Stolen Lands – he’d heard of the Stag Lord, and still unsure of where he needed to be in life, he sought this new liege out. Akiros was with the Stag Lord’s bandits for only a few months, but his commanding presence earned the Stag Lord’s favor, much to Dovan’s displeasure.

Ironically, Akiros came to the realisation that life as a bandit was even more hollow than life as a paladin of Erastil, and when a group of adventurers made an attack on the Stag Lord’s fort, he seized his opportunity and swapped sides.

Born of simple parents who were farmers in Taldor, Akiros’s parents wanted nothing more for him than life as a protector of the town – as a paladin of Erastil, no less. Every moment of Akiros’s life was spent in preparation for his acceptance into the order, yet not one month after he achieved his parent’s dream and became a paladin, Akiros fell in love with the married daughter of one of his hometowns wealthier merchants, a woman named Rosilla. The affair ended all too soon when Rosilla’s husband found out what she’d been up to and threatened to divorce her. The thought of losing the life of luxury was too much, and so she told her husband that Akiros had raped her. Furious, he took Rosilla to the temple of Erastil to confront her attacker. The young paladin was flabbergasted, but when Rosilla took things too far by spitting on him and publicly denouncing him as a rapist, a heretofore unknown rage woke in Akiro’s heart. All of his repressed frustrations and angers poured out in one furious blow, and with that blow, he snuffed out Rosilla’s life. As she crumpled to the floor, Akiros knew his life as a paladin had been snuffed out as well. He turned on Rosilla’s dumbfounded husband, and killed him as well, and with the temple guards in shock, he fled the city. He barely made it out of Taldor, stowing away on a merchant ship bound for Mendev. Akiros switched ships dozens of times as he fled north, losing himself in the river kingdoms, living as a bandit, a vagabond, and a criminal, and growing to enjoy his newfound rages. Eventually, his wandering brought him into the Stolen Lands – he’d heard of the Stag Lord, and still unsure of his new life, sought out his new liege. He quickly rose to the second in command, much to the other bandits dismay.

When the charter group attacked the staglord with the intent to kill him, he saw his chance to either redeem himself or die, and joined with the group.

Met The quiet sword on the 7th Sarenith 4710 – sentanced to serve as protector of the people around the temple of elk and the communties. This is part of his attontenment. He was then given the job when the Kingdom of Haven was established to become its Marshall, and after the years assessment is happy to continue on in this role.

Despite regular tension and disagreement between him and Jhod they have become good friends, and though he will never be was he set out to be, he has found his way back to Erastil with Jhods patience and guidance. The two may be very quick to enter a debate – they are very loyal to one another

Akiros Ismort

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