Dorset Style - 06. Kingmaker

Fireday 28th Pharast 4714

Desperate Refugees

​A forlorn group of refugees consisting of a mix of merchants, street performers, and a few worshipers of the god Hanspur (a minor god of rivers and river travel) recently snuck out of the city of Pitax and have been making their way east after hearing rumors of a kinder, gentler nation in the eastern Stolen Lands. There are also a few people from Fort Drelev.
​They hoped they would be able to make the journey, but they have come to the edge of the swamp only to meet with violence and defeat — six of their number were slain by the hydra.
The refugees are arguing about whether they should head north to Fort Drelev or simply return in defeat to Pitax


Quest: Escort the Pitax refugees to safety in the PCs’ nation.
Task: The route the PCs take to get the refugees to safety (either to Tatzlford or another settlement in their nation) is irrelevant, as long as most of the refugees survive.
Completion: At least a dozen refugees must live to reach safety.

Fireday 28th Pharast 4714
Abinessy Abinessy

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