Dorset Style - 06. Kingmaker

25th Gozran

A twisting set of burrows honeycombs a large granite hillside here, pocking the hillside with dozens of small openings. These mark the entrances to a tangled warren of tunnels that serve as the lair of a mated pair of predators known as aurumvoraxes, or golden gorgers. Native to Numeria to the northwest, this pair wandered down into the northern Stolen Lands and settled here years ago. An aurumvorax appears as a sleek creature that combines features of a weasel and a badger under a shiny coat of golden fur. The creature’s jaws are ferociously powerful, as are its eight legs, each of which is tipped in a murderous set of coppery talons. The aurumvorax’s hide and muscles are incredibly dense, giving it incredible strength for a beast of its size, as well as inspiring rumors that the creatures are made of metal.



Abinessy Abinessy

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