Dorset Style - 06. Kingmaker

24th Pharast 4714

On towards fort Drelev

M’botuu (Landmark)

The boggard settlement of M’botuu is the largest of its kind in Hooktongue Slough — although there are other boggard communities in the swamp, none are as large as M’botuu.

The word “M’botuu” loosely translates as, “Those Who Swim in Blood.” Boggard legend claims their tribe sprang wholly from the marsh itself when Gogunta, their vile, bloated demon goddess, flooded this part of the River Kingdoms by vomiting up a swamp. The boggards then multiplied over the years, waging war against the hated water-walking bog striders, slaughtering human settlers, and eventually dominating the entire region.​


There are 51 boggards dwelling in M’botuu, of which seven are Sepoko’s most faithful wardens. The majority of the boggards lurk in the wet muddy caves below. The wardens remain completely loyal to Sepoko, but the other boggards in the village are still somewhat unsure of their leader.

Thick mats of roots hang from the ceiling, and the floors are thick morasses of mud, water, and fungus. All of these areas are considered difficult terrain as a result, but boggards, due to their swamp stride ability, can move through these areas with ease. Additionally, several of these caves can be accessed via holes in the ceiling that open into low mounds above.

In the throne room waits Sepoko, the embattled priest-king of the M’botuu tribe. Attended at all times by a pair of boggard wardens and their giant frogs. They had driven plenty of boggards into this chamber to seek protection from their priestking. In this case, the boggards cower along the walls of the place, eager to see their leader defend them from the intruders. Sepoko’s remaining faith in Gogunta shatters and he drops to his knees and croaks out a prayer to the Legless Lady to save him and smite the intruders. Of course, no divine intervention comes (although Sepoko immediately lost access to all of his spells and cleric abilities), and any surviving boggards who witness this failure realize that their leader has fallen. Amid a sudden chorus of “Kill the heretic!” in Boggard, the remaining boggards seemed to forget about the presence of the silent sword and swarmed forward, eager to tear Sepoko limb from limb in hopes of showing Gogunta, who must surely be watching, that they still fear her.


Sepoko’s raiders recently captured a bog strider named Ka-Kekt and imprisoned him here. The current plan is to march the bog strider out to the Swamp Scar in a few days.
Ka-Kekt, the bog strider thanks them as best he can before making his way back to Tok-Nikrat


Abinessy Abinessy

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